Lesson 7

Text A After a Heavy Snowstorm

One night there was a heavy snowstorm, and in the morning Mr Smith's garden was full of deep snow. Mr Smith wanted to take his car out, so he paid a man to clean the path from his garage to his gate. He said to this man, “Don't throw any snow on that side, because it will damage the bushes in my garden; and don't throw any snow into the street, or the police will be angry. ”Then Mr Smith went out.
一天晚上下起了一场大雪,第二天早上Mr Smith家的花园就积满了深深的雪。Mr Smith想把他的车取出来,所以他雇了一个人来清理从车库到大门的那条小路(上的雪)。他跟那个男人说:“不要把雪扔到路边,因为那将毁坏我花园里的灌木;也不要把雪扔到街上,不然警察会生气的。”说完Mr Smith就出去了。

When he came back, the path was clean and the snow from it was not on the bushes, or the fence, or the street. Mr Smith was very pleased until he opened the garage to get his car out! The garage was full to the top with all the snow from the path, and his car was somewhere under it all!
当他回来时,小路已经被清理干净了,那些被清理的雪既不在灌木丛中,也不在篱笆中,也不在街上。Mr Smith很满意直到他打开车库去取车!车库里竟然堆满了来自小路上的积雪,而他的车就在雪下面的某个地方!

Text B No Baseball Today

PETER: Can you play baseball with me today?

JOHN: No, I can't. I'm sorry. I have to help my mother. We're going to move tomorrow.

PETER: Where's the new house? Is it far from here?

JOHN: No, it's not far. It's near our old house.

PETER: Can I help you pack?

JOHN: Sure. Thanks.

* * *

PETER: What can I do?

JOHN: Take the books out of the bookcase. Put them in this box.

PETER: Well, the books are in the box. What can I do now?

JOHN: Take the magazines out of the bookcase. Put them in that box.

PETER: All right.

JOHN: Peter! Pack them. Don't read them.

PETER: These magazines are interesting. May I borrow one?

JOHN: Of course.

PETER: Thanks, John.

Read the following passage once. Underline the key words while reading and retell the story to your partner.

A Better Mailman!

I worked as a mailman for a short time. However, I am afraid of dogs and I had a lot of trouble. One day I tried to deliver some letters to a big house. I started to open the gate and all of a sudden a huge dog ran toward me. It growled and barked at me, so I threw the letters over the fence. The dog picked them up and carried them into the house. The dog was a better mailman than I was!



1.What can I do? 我能做什么?

2.Don't throw any snow on that side. 别把积雪扔到那边。

3.Can I help you pack? 我能帮你打包吗?