Lesson 11

Text A A Visit to Conway Castle

Dave's class at school were studying English history, and one day their teacher said to them, “Well, boys, on Friday we're all going to get on a bus and go to Conway. There's a beautiful castle there, and we're going to visit it.” The boys were very happy when they heard this.

"Now, has anybody got any questions?" the teacher asked.

"How old is the castle, sir?" Dave asked.

"It's about seven hundred years old, Dave." the teacher answered.

"What's the name of the castle, sir?" another boy asked.

"Conway Castle." the teacher said.

On Friday the boys came to school at 9 o'clock and got into the bus. They visited Conway Castle, and then they came back and went home.

“Well,” Dave's mother said to him when he got home, “did you like the castle, Dave?”

“Not very much,” Dave answered. “The stupid people built it too near the railway.”

Text B What Are You Going to Do?

Robert and Peter are talking about the end of the school term. Robert is going to leave school and start work, but Peter is going to stay at school.
Robert and Peter正在讨论学期末的事。Robert就将要离开学校去工作了,但是Peter仍将留在学校。

PETER: Are you going to leave school at the end of the term?

ROBERT: Yes, I am.

PETER: What are you going to do?

ROBERT: I'm going to be a clerk.

PETER: What does a clerk do?

ROBERT: He works in an office. He writes letters and reports, and he types.

PETER: I want to be a vet.

ROBERT: A-what?

PETER: A vet-a veterinary surgeon.
PETER:a vet 就是兽医。

ROBERT: Good gracious !What's that?

PETER: A vet's a man who takes care of sick animals. He's an animal doctor.

ROBERT: I once read a story about a person who talked to animals. It was very interesting.

Read the following passage once. Underline the key words while reading and retell the story to your partner.

Mrs. Neat

Mrs. Neat was tidy and orderly. One day she got on a bus, went up on top and sat down. When the conductor asked her for her fare, she opened her bag, took out her purse, closed her bag, opened her purse, took out a shilling, closed her purse, opened her bag, put in her purse and closed her bag. She paid her fare. The conductor gave her a ticket.


1. a visit to ... 对……的一次参观

2. Good gracious! 天啊!这个比较常用的口语哟,表示愤怒、惊奇、惊讶等。