Lesson 9

Text A Stop Eating Fried Potatoes

Mrs Jenkins went to her doctor one day, because her heart was giving her trouble.
一天,Mrs Jenkins去看医生,因为她的心脏有问题。

The doctor listened to her heart carefully and did a few other things. Then he said, "Well, Mrs. Jenkins, stop smoking, and then you'll soon be quite all right again."
医生听诊了她的心脏并且做了其他的一些检查,然后他说:“嗯,Mrs Jenkins,戒烟吧,那样你很快就会再次没事了。”

"But doctor," answered Mrs. Jenkins quickly, "I've never smoked. I don't like smoking."
“可是医生,”Mrs Jenkins很快回答,“我从来都不吸烟,我不喜欢吸烟。”

"Oh, well," said the doctor, "then don't drink any more alcohol."

"But I don't drink alcohol," answered Mrs. Jenkins at once.
“但我也不喝酒啊,”Mrs Jenkins马上回答。

"Stop drinking tea and coffee then," the doctor said to her.

"I only drink water," answered Mrs. Jenkins."I don't like tea or coffee."
“我只喝水啊,”Mrs Jenkins回答,“我不喜欢喝茶和咖啡。”

The doctor thought for a few seconds and then said, "Well, er... do you like fried potatoes?"

"Yes, I like them very much," answered Mrs. Jenkins.
“是,我很喜欢他们。”Mrs Jenkins回答。

"All right, then stop eating those," said the doctor as he got up to say goodbye to Mrs Jenkins.
“那就对了,停止吃这些吧。”医生回答道,随后起身跟Mrs Jenkins说再见了。

Text B Keep Him in Bed

Mrs. Welsh: Get up, Peter. It's late. Mrs.

Peter: I can't get up, Mom. I'm ill.

Mrs. Welsh: What's the matter with you? Mrs.

Peter: I have a headache and a bad stomachache.

Mrs Welsh: You have a fever too. I'm going to call Dr Dawes. Don't get out of bed.
Mrs Welsh:你可能是发烧了,我去叫Dr Dawes,呆在床上别起来。

Peter: Oh, I can't get out of bed. I'm too ill.

Mrs. Welsh: Operator, give me spring 3-2546, please. Hello, this is Mrs. Welsh. Is Dr Dawes there? Thank you. I'll wait. . . Dr Dawes, this is Mrs. Welsh. Can you come to the house, please?
Mrs. Welsh:接线员,请帮我接3-2546。你好,我是Mrs. Welsh,请问是Dr Dawes吗?谢谢,我会等。Dr Dawes,我是Mrs. Welsh,你能来下我家吗?

Dr Dawes: Who's ill?
Dr Dawes:谁病了?

Mrs. Welsh: Peter, my son. Mrs.

Dr Dawes: What's the matter with him?
Dr Dawes:他怎么样了?

Mrs. Welsh: I don't know. He has a headache, a bad stomachache and a fever. Mrs.

Dr Dawes: Keep him in bed. Where do you live?
Dr Dawes:让他呆在床上。你住在哪里?

Mrs. Welsh: We live at 44 Washington Avenue.
Mrs. Welsh:我们住在华盛顿街道44号。

Dr Dawes: All right, Mrs. Welsh, I'll be there soon.
Dr Dawes:好的,Mrs. Welsh,我很快就到那里。

Mrs. Welsh: Thank you. Good-bye Dr Dawes.
Mrs. Welsh:谢谢,再见Dr Dawes。

Read the following passage once. Underline the key words while reading and retell the story to your partner.

Harry is looking at a man in the street. He is talking to Jack about the man.
Harry: Who's that man with the black bag?
Jack: I can't see a man with a black bag.
Harry: He was standing at the door of that house a moment ago. Now he's walking down the street.
Jack: Oh, that man. I don't know who he is. He's a stranger.
Harry: Look at the man who's running after him.
Jack: Yes. Perhaps the stranger is a thief.
Harry: I don't think so.
Jack: Wait a minute. I can recognize the man who's running after him. It's Mr. Green.
Harry: Now I remember. Mr. Green told me yesterday that his brother was coming.


1. stop eating something. 停止吃something。所谓病从口入,有时候生病是因为饮食不注意,比如吃了坏掉的东西拉肚子,当然也有可能是像医生提到的吸烟、喝酒过度之类的,国庆期间有没猛吃啊,有的话要注意咯,stop eating too much。

2. keep him in bed. 如果生病了呢,休息很重要的,所以要好好在床上躺着啦。