Unit 4 Diving With Dolphins

Dan’s Dolphin Diving offered the best dolphin-spotting tours in all of Hawaii. That’s what the ad in the local newspaper said. Michelle called Dan’s and booked a trip for two for the following day. Michelle and John were on their honeymoon and they were looking for a little adventure while they stayed in Maui. What could be better than swimming with dolphins?

Dan helped Michelle with her wetsuit, and then helped her into the water. John followed suit. It wasn’t long before they saw two dolphins. They were playing. From the boat, Dan threw out some fish and the dolphins came closer.

Michelle reached out her hand and gently touched the fin of one of the dolphins. It was soft and slippery. It felt a little like velvet. John took a picture with his underwater camera. The two dolphins squawked at each other. They weretalking, Michelle thought to herself.

She watched them swim around the boat. They were as graceful as dancers. Michelle wanted to swim away with them. But Dan’s tours only lasted four hours. It was time to go. Michelle thanked the dolphins for making her honeymoon special.



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