Unit 5 The Village

The sun beat down on Shawn’s back. He didn’t know which he found more uncomfortable--the sun’s insisting heat, or constantly having to slap away mosquitoes and black flies. He would be glad when they finally arrived in the village.

After three days of hiking, paddling across rivers, and climbing steep mountains he was getting a bit tired.

Shawn is a photographer for a travel magazine. He has come to take pictures of a traditional, remote tribe in the hills of Papua New Guinea. It was just about sunset when he arrived. The leader of the village greeted him with palm wine. He drank reluctantly. That night the villages had a feast to celebrate the arrival of their guest. A pig was killed and served.

After dinner, Shawn wore the traditional headdress while four women in strange masks and painted faces danced around the fire singing songs of gratitude. Shawn was delighted by that night’s events. Never had he seen anything so wonderful. That night he fell asleep without taking one picture.



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