Obviously Kell has been unhappy with her present job. She works as a nurse but she would drop a teacher at a primary or secondary school.


We don't have enough information for our financial plan, but it's due tomorrow. I'm afraid we'll just have to make do with what we have got.


There is more pressure than ever in the competitive job market to stand out from the crowd. Continuing your education is one way to get that extra edge.


Our production supervisor warned John to punch in on time, dress appropriately for the job and stop taking extra breaks.


The ability to work effectively with people from other countries is especially important if you plan a career in MMC management where international experience is an essential prerequisite.


Now it is common to find fast food restaurants everywhere. These restaurants serve people who are too rushed to find time to eat a proper meal.


Makinen hit what appeared to be oil on the road,and his car slammedinto a concrete barrier, tearing the right rear wheel almost completely off his Mitsubishi Lancer.


One of the greatest public health successes has been the massive decline in smoking rates, which are now translating into reduced deaths from cancer and heart disease.


In modern society, private houses are not just places for people to live in. Rich people have long-viewed real-estate as a suitable vehicle for their earnings.


You need to draw a vertical line two inches from the left edge of your note-taking page. With this line, you still have six inches of space on the right to write down you notes.


1. 此题描述对现在工作的不满和宁愿做的工作。重点在but后面。

2. 此题描述利用现在资源做经济计划的事。考生应注意due(到期)以及make do with(勉强应对)便可知题意。

3. 此题描述如何应对就业压力大的一种方法。难点在extra edge (额外的奖励或优势)。

4. 此题描述主管对John的要求。找准三个并列动词就易于理解。

5. 此题描述什么情况下同外国人有效地工作很必要。题中有个从句,where,修饰MMC。

6. 此题描述快餐店服务的人群。重点在第二句,fast restaurant 应为熟知单词,根据意思也能理解题意。

7. 此题描述Makinen 撞车的原因和结果。难点是单词,concrete barrier (水泥栏杆),rear wheel(后轮)。

8. 此题描述公众健康取得的一大成就。难点是要了解一些普通疾病的说法以及death rate(死亡率),decline(下降)。

9.  此题描述私人住宅不仅是用来居住的现状。real-estate(不动产),vehicle (工具,媒介)。

10. 此题描述划线的问题。掌握单词vertical (垂直的),考生还应注意具体数字。