Passage Translation C-E:





In modern times, Asia experienced twists and turns in its development. To change their destiny, the people of Asia have been forging ahead in an indomitable spirit and with hard struggle. Asia's development achievements today are the result of the persistent efforts of the industrious and talented Asian people.

The people of Asia are fully aware that there is no ready model or unchanging path of development that is universally applicable. They never shy away from reform and innovation. Instead, they are committed to exploring and finding development paths that are in line with the trend of the times and their own situations, and have opened up bright prospects for economic and social development.


文中较难处理的句子有:“亚洲人们为改变自己的命运,始终以不屈的意志和艰辛的奋斗开辟前进道路。”其中“亚洲人们……开辟前进道路”是主干结构,“为改 变自己的命运”表示目的,可以译成不定式to change their destiny放在句子前面,“以不同的意志和艰辛的奋斗”译成介词短语放在句尾。“放之四海而皆准的发展模式”的中心词是“模式”,修饰语“放之四海而 皆准的”意为“普遍适用的”,可译为定语从句放在中心词后。最后一个句子较长,可根据句意进行拆分,确定主干词,对语序进行调整,以流畅的英文表达出来。