6.bring up 抚养;培养;教育;提出


(1)She has _______________ five children.她养育了五个孩子。

(2)These are matters that you can ________________ in committee.这些问题你可在委员会中提出。

答案:brought up;bring up

拓展:bring about 引起;致使;造成;达成

bring along/on 带来

bring back 使记起;归还;恢复

bring down 使减低;降低;挫伤(傲气)

bring forth 产生;产出;生产

bring forward 提出;出示;展示

bring out 揭露;显示,解释;出版

bring to (oneself) 使复苏

bring in 引进;引来;赚得

7.go ahead 前进;(用于祈使句)可以;往下说;说吧;干吧

go ahead with开始做某事

ahead of 在…… 之前;超过

press ahead with加紧进行,推行


写出下列句中go ahead的意思。

(1)If you think you can settle the problem, go ahead.____________

(2)The police examined the cars and allowed them to go ahead.______________________

(3)—I'm afraid I have to trouble you with a question.—Go ahead. _______________

(4)The government intends to go ahead with its privatization plans.____________________

8.on the contrary 正相反,反之(表示相反意见)

on the other hand 另一方面(说明问题的另一方面)

contrary to... 与……相反;违反,对抗

quite/just the contrary 恰恰相反

to the contrary 与此相反地


(1)The boy was swimming in a direction _______________ the current. 那男孩逆流游去。

(2)You didn't bother me. ________________________, I like your company. 你没有打扰我。相反地,我喜欢有你做伴。

(3)Although Bill was going to the movies, he told Jack_________________________________________.虽然比尔要去看电影,但是他告诉杰克,说他不去。

答案:contrary to;On the contrary;to the contrary

9.take a chance冒险;试图做某事;碰运气

take a chance=take one’s chance=take chances

by chance/accident偶然;碰巧

Chances are(that)可能性是……

There is a slim/slight chance that...不大可能……


(1)You should never ___________________ when driving a car.开车时千万别冒险。

(2)We hadn’t planned to meet. We met ______________.我们原未打算相见,是偶然遇见的。

(3)_________________________ she’s already heard the news.可能她已经听到那则消息了。
答案:take chances;by chance;Chances are that

10.as for 关于;至于


(1)_______________ the cause of the fire, I don't know anything.至于火灾的原因,我一点也不知道。

(2)We had a wonderful time in the country. _________ the traffic, we had no difficulty.我们在乡下度过了一个愉快的周末。至于交通,我们没遇到任何困难。
答案:As for;As for

拓展:as for与as to都是介词短语,意思相近,都是“至于,关于;就……而言,就……来说”之意。as with“与……一样”。
As to the journey, we must decide about that later.