1.In 2013, migrants around the world remitted $400 billion back to their home countries that is much more than official aid to many countries. For some nations, it is the biggest provider of foreign exchange.

2.If you open an account or if you want to cash a check, you must provide proof of your identity. In the U. S., a driver's license is probably the most frequently used kind of identification. Passports are always acceptable for this purpose. When you open an account, you are asked to fill out a signature card. You must be careful to sign your name exactly as you intend to write it on your checks. The bank compares the signature on your checks with that on your signature card.

3.After you had completed your application, the bank would make up an individual folder for your account. Your signature card would be kept in this folder. Whenever checks were received for payment, the bank would file them by number in your folder and compare the signatures with the one on your card. If there was any doubt about a particular signature, the check would not be paid and would be returned to the endorser.

4.The supervision of accounting intermediary organizations includes industrial supervision, government supervision, market supervision and law supervision.

5.Securities market participants are roughly divided into issuers, investors, market intermediaries, self-regulatory organizations and regulatory institutions.