1.We can get much services from the bank. When we travel, we buy traveler's checks from the bank instead of carrying money with us. And we can rent a safe-deposit box in the bank for our valuable papers and articles.

2.If you ever went to the United States to study in a college or a university, one of the first things you would have to do is open a checking account. You would find it safer and more convenient to put your money in a bank and write out checks to pay for your larger purchases. And checking accounts have other advantages as well. The canceled checks that are returned to you provide a record of where your money was spent, and they can serve as proof that payment was received ---- that is, canceled checks can serve as receipts.

3.There are two basic financial statements: the balance sheet and the operations statement. The balance sheet shows the firm's condition on the last day of the accounting period. It shows what the business owns and what it owes to its creditors or its owners.

4.A business is always in a state of equilibrium. In other words, what it owns is equal to what it owes.

5.In general, the international financial crisis sweeping across the world has had a great impact on the insurance industry. However, compared to the banking and securities industry, the loss suffered by the insurance industry is much less.