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Do you want to start a school newspaper? If you do, then this is the article for you. Starting a school newspaper can be a great learning experience and is a respectable thing to put on a resume(简历) in the future as it shows your interviewer your leadership skills and that could very well help land you the dream job for your future. Being part of the school newspaper will give you a good idea on other people you barely know and also it will give you a chance to learn what goes on in the school.


This is essential for the success of the newspaper. A teacher brings something very important to the party, and that is authority. A teacher is there primarily to help make sure that everyone gets their articles in on time. With a teacher, staff simply feel an obligation to get their articles in. This really makes your job a lot easier. A teacher not only sees to it that articles are handed in on time, with a teacher around, staff will quit over 80% less. 


Use your common sense for what's suitable for a middle school newspaper. Don't print anything hinting on weapons, violence, drugs, or basically anything that's illegal or not fit for middle school.


Because most school newspapers have 12 articles, brainstorm 12. Some ideas are: games, colouring contest, short story, advice, random facts, sports, poetry or fashion. Once you have these articles planned out, open a word document and come up with cool titles and layout for your newspaper. You can copy a few things from the internet, but if it has a copyright, make sure to say where you got them from. 


Recommend to your staff that once they hand in their first article, get a head start on their next article because life consists of all things, e.g. sickness, vacation, family affairs etc. Also tell them to let you know if they can't get one article in so you can cover for them. Print off the schedule and give it to all your staff members.

Section D

When the Internet powerhouseYahoowanted to teachethics(道德标准)to its employees, it faced a challenge familiar to multinational companies.

Yahoo employs nearly 14,000 people at 25 sites worldwide. They would feel bored at sitting down in front of a dated video in which actors with 1980s haircuts tell them what to do. So it hired a company called The Network to design a game. In the game, the truck where Yahoo was founded traveled the world, turning into a boat and a helicopter along the way as it visited some of Yahoo’s foreign offices. Participants play in game show-like scenarios(场景)that quiz them about conflicts of interest and doing business fairly. And employees note: Yahoo is tracking how well they do.

Such activities draw more enthusiastic participation and teach more effectively than traditional methods. They are described as alternative-reality games (ARGs), involving both interactive and real-world elements. Besides teaching employees, ARGs have also been used in many areas for a number of different purposes. 

From a marketing perspective, a number of very successful ARGs have been written as a way to build product awareness. A very popular ARG called I Love Bees was produced to market the 2004 video game Halo 2. At its height, I Love Bees received between two to three million unique visitors over the course of three months. 

ARGs are more than just a fun way to learn. They have also been used to solve real world problems. An ARG called World Without Oil was created to obtain collective input from players about dealing with the world’s dependency on oil. World without Oil simulates(模拟)the first 32 days of a global oil crisis and anybody could play by creating a personal story that recorded the imagined reality of their life in the crisis. World Without Oil’s success on a small budget has opened the door for similar games to engage mainstream Internet users with climate change, education reform, governmental policy and other timely, vital issues.

(Note: Answer the questions or complete the statements in NO MORE THAN EIGHT WORDS)

81.  What challenge did yahoo face in teaching ethics to its employees?

82.  In the game designed for yahoo, participants had to answer questions about ________.

83.  What are the three major functions of ARG mentioned in the passage?

84.  The success of World Without Oil suggests that ARGs can ________.


I. Translation

1.因为下雨,开幕式推迟了。(put off)





II.  Writing

假设你叫李华,暑假期间打算去英国Star English Language School (SELS)进行短期学习。以下是英方学校寄给你的课程安排选择表。请你仔细阅读课表,按表格下面的中文提示给校方回复一封信。信的开头已给出。