II. Grammar and Vocabulary

Section A

25. It has been clearly stated that whoever can solve the problem first shall be entitled ______ the great honour--- “Talent of the School”.

A. for                 B. to              C. in               D. on

26. When she saw the homeless cat enjoyed the food very much, the kind lady put a little ______ on the plate.

A. one                        B. much           C. less              D. more

27. --- I don't know why Denise started crying when I mentioned the wedding.

--- It ______ what you said about her brother. Or, perhaps she is just nervous.

A. should have been                                    B. couldn’t have been

C. could have been                                       D. must have been

28. The businessman boasts to me that I can’t find a ____ jade bracelet(玉镯), because his shop deals in the best.

A. good                      B. better         C. best              D. worse

29. As we have mentioned previously, we will be dedicated to solving the problem within the current framework, rather than _____ a new one.

A. establishing         B. establish       C. to establish        D. established

30. John is not a man to count on, and it is very likely that the work ____ by the time he arrives here.

A. is finished                                      B. has finished     

C. will finish                                      D. will have been finished

31. The possibility of a murder _____, the police have set about looking for the clues to her suicide.

A. to be excluded                                 B. to exclude       

C. having excluded                             D. having been excluded

32. It is recommended that the exploration team take with them an extra set of equipment _____ unexpected emergency occurs.

A. in that                      B. so that                    C. now that           D. in case

33. How we express our ideas sometimes means more than _____ we mean to say.

A. what               B. which               C. that               D. why

34. We had better not bother our professor these days, for he is awfully busy preparing a report _____ at an international conference next month.

A. being delivered   B. to be delivered  C. to deliver        D. delivered   

35. The Campaign of Occupying Wall Street is a reflection of the contradictions(矛盾) _____ exist in the society of the US.

A. on which           B. that           C. where                  D. whose

36. Most probably it will be another 7 hours _____ you can have next meal, so each of you must have your stomach full.

A. since              B. when          C. after                  D. before

37. ______ by greater demand of vegetables, farmers have built more green houses.

A. Driven                B. Being driven    C. To drive                  D. Having driven

38. Now that we have settled the question of feasibility(可行性), let’s proceed to the next one ─_____ raise the fund from the bank.

A. whether should we      B. that we should        C. whether we should      D. that should we

39. They wonder _____ someone who wants to be a telecom engineer should study subjects such as history, literature, philosophy, etc.

A. what                     B. that            C. how                        D. why

40. The “Warning” reads: “Under no circumstances _____ be kept near fire!”

A. the chemical should                  B. the chemical shouldn’t

C. should the chemical                  D. should the chemical not

Section B

The launch of Apple's iPhone 4s tempted thousands of buyers to its two outlets in Beijing on the cold winter night of Jan 12th. But the size of the crowds brought a sudden __(41)__ of sales of the iPhone 4s on the morning of Jan 13th and one store in Beijing didn't open at all, because the growing crowd of eager Apple followers created safety__(42)__.

This is not the first time Apple's marketing strategy(策略) has caused such trouble among the buying public, for similar trouble __(43)__  in January last year when the first release launch of the iPhone 4 was made.

Apple's clever marketing has made the company's products __(44)__lifestyle accessories(附件) for many, but this strategy will __(45)__ result in mass rushes and disturbances and if it continues with this marketing strategy, it is only a matter of time before one of its product launches ends in __(46)__.

Intentionally fuelling demand by limiting a product release to create a state ofpanic among consumers, who fear they may not get their hands on their objects of desire, is not only immoral but also__(47)__. [来源:.k.Com]

Apple should take the lessons from the experience of Unilever(联合利华). The giant consumer goods company was __(48)__  2 million yuan in May 2011 by the Chinese government for repeatedly spreading rumors(谣言) of price rises.

Apple has the ability to make it easier for consumers to order new products online or by telephone. Apple cannot afford to__(49)__the Chinese market, so it has no excuse for not changing its strategy so as to avoid such incidents in the future.