69.  The first email is basically an email of __________.

A. apology         B. sympathy         C. appreciation                D. complaint

70. What is the “spray” used for according to the passage?

A. To repair the damaged boots.             B. To protect the soles from heat.
C. To prevent the crew from danger.      D. To protect the boots from concrete.

71. According to the president of The Shoe People, John Trimbald ________.

A. can exchange the damaged boots with new ones at any time

B. must return the damaged boots to any of the retail stores

C. will get new pairs of boots and a free year's supply of spray

D. can return the damaged boots and spray for a full refund now


People are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint. Purchasing property that is environmentally responsible is a good investment for those who are concerned about their own health and the well-being of the earth. Based on this trend, entire districts, known as eco-communities, are being designed with a green focus in mind. Dockside Green in Victoria, British Columbia is one of them.

If everything goes according to plan, Dockside Green will be a self sufficient community along the harbour front of British Columbia's capital city. The community will be home to 2500 people and will consist of residential, office, and retail space. Builders of Dockside Green have the environment in mind with every choice they make. They ensure proper ventilation(通风), and guarantee residents 100% fresh indoor air. Building materials, such as paints and wood, are natural and non-poisonous. Eco-conscious builders use bamboo wherever possible because it grows fast and does not require pesticides(杀虫剂)to grow.

Energy efficiency is one of the top concerns in eco-communities, such as Dockside Green. Not only do energy efficient appliances and light fixtures(照明设备)reduce the environmental impact of heating and hot water, they also save residents and business owners money. Dockside Green claims that home owners will use 55% less energy than average residents in Canada. Residents will have individual water metres as studies show that people use around 20% less energy when they are billed for exactly what they use. In addition, water is treated at Dockside Green and reused on site for flushing(冲洗)toilets.

Planners of eco-communities such as Dockside Green must take the future into account. Dockside Green plans on reusing 90% of its construction waste. They also plan to continue using local suppliers for all of their transport and maintenance needs. This is a great way to reduce emissions(排放). Dockside residents will be encouraged to make use of a mini transportation system and buy into the community's car share program. Finally, plans are in the works for a high-tech heating system that will use renewable energy instead of fossil fuels (化石燃料).

Dockside residents willbenefit from excellent local services with high quality healthcare, shopping and education at the heart of the community, along with excellent recreation facilities and plentiful green open spaces. The Eco-Community will favour the use of locally-sourced goods and services; they will be desirable places to live, promoting a tangible(看得见的)sense of civic pride, responsibility and, as the name suggests, community.

72. Which of the following is TRUE about Dockside Green according to the passage?

A. It is an environmental charity aiming at reducing carbon footprint.      

B. It is a self sufficient community with a population of 2500 people.

C. It is being built along the harbor front that is threatened by pollution.

D. It emphasizes the importance of green energy and energy efficiency.

73. Bamboo is a favorable choice for builders because it _________.

A. provides good air circulation               B. keeps pets outside the house

C. grows quickly and easily                     D. does not produce any waste

74. Which is NOT one of the issues Dockside Green hope to address in the future?

A. Convincing local factories not to pollute the air.

B. Creating an alternative to fossil fuels heating.

C. Having people pay for individual household usage.

D. Promoting the car share program to the residents.

75. Which of the following is the best title for the passage?

A. Waysto Reduce Carbon Footprint          B. Green Energy: New Trends in Canada

C. Eco-Communities: Dockside Green        D. Wise Investment in Eco-Communities