Passage 5  (08·重庆)  完形填空

I was on a bus one March evening.The driver didn’t   36   to start the bus soon because it was not yet   37  .A middle-aged woman got on.Tired and sad,she told her story   38  ,not to anyone in particular.On her way to the station,half of her   39   was stolen.The other half was hidden under her blouse,so she   40   still had some left.A few minutes later,she stopped crying,but still looked   41  .

When all the seats were taken,the driver started the engine.The conductor began to collect fares(车费).When she came to an old man in worn-out clothes,he   42   that he had spent all his money when he had accidentally got on a wrong bus and now he was trying to go home.On hearing this,she ordered the old man to   43   the bus.The old man was almost in tears as he   44   her to let him take the bus home.The driver took the conductor’s side and repeated the conductor’s   45  .

The woman was watching the incident.  46   the driver and the conductor raised their voices at the old man,she interfered(干预).

“Stop   47   him!Can’t you see he’s only trying to get home?”

“He doesn’t have any money!” the driver   48  .

“Well,that’s no   49   to throw him off the bus,”she insisted.

Then she reached inside her blouse,took out her   50   money,and handed it to the conductor.“Here’s his fare and mine.Just stop giving him a   51   time.”

All heads turned to the woman.“It’s only money,”she shrugged.

She rode the rest of the way home   52   a happy smile,with the money she’d lost earlier   53  .

On the road of life,the help of strangers can   54   our loads and lift our spirits.How much sweeter the   55   will be when we make it a little smoother for others!

36.A.try C.decide    D.intend

37.A.empty B.full C.crowded D.ready

38.A.tearfully    B.seriously C.carefully D.calmly

39.A.fare    B.possession D.wealth

40.A.strangely    B.happily    C.secretly D.fortunately

41.A.unsatisfied    B.weak C.unhappy D.excited

42.A.explained B.declared C.admitted D.found

43.A.get off    B.start C.get on    D.stop

44.A.begged B.scolded    C.praised     D.thanked

45.A.request    B.action    C.suggestion    D.command

46.A.Unless B.Although C.Until D.When

47.A.attacking    B.bothering C.blaming D.wronging

48.A.warned B.whispered C.shouted D.repeated

49.A.problem    B.need C.matter    D.reason

50.A.spending    B.collected C.remaining D.borrowed

51.A.busy B.cold C.hard D.fearful B.wearing C.taking    D.forcing

53.A.forgotten    B.used C.earned    D.returned

54.A.move B.increase C.lighten    D.carry B.journey D.friendship

答案  36.D  37.B  38.A  39.C  40.D  41.C  42.A  43.A  44.A  45.D  46.D  47.B  48.C  49.D  50.C  51.C  52.B  53.A  54.C  55.B