Passage 4  (08·浙江)  完形填空

In the depths of my memory, many things I did with my father still live. These things have come to represent, in fact, what I call  __21__ and love.

I don’t remember my father ever getting into a swimming pool. But he did __22__the water. Any kind of __23__ride seemed to give him pleasure. __24__he loved to fish; sometimes he took me along.

But I never really liked being on the water, the way my father did. I liked being __25__the water, moving through it, __26__it all around me. I was not a strong __27__, or one who learned to swim early, for I had my __28__. But I loved being in the swimming pool close to my father’s office and __29__those summer days with my father, who __30__ come by on a break. I needed him to see what I could do. My father would stand there in his suit, the __31__person not in swimsuit.

After swimming, I would go __32__ his office and sit on the wooden chair in front of his big desk, where he let me __33__anything I found in his top desk drawer. Sometimes, if I was left alone at his desk __34__ he worked in the lab, an assistant or a student might come in and tell me perhaps I shouldn’t be playing with his _35__. But my father always __36__and said easily, “Oh, no, it’s __37__.” Sometimes he handed me coins and told me to get __38__ an ice cream...

A poet once said, “We look at life once, in childhood; the rest is __39__.” And I think it is not only what we “look at once, in childhood” that determines our memories, but __40__, in that childhood, looks at us.

21.A. desire       B. joy          C. anger       D. worry

22.A. avoid       B. refuse       C. praise           D. love

23.A. boat         B. bus         C. train            D. bike

24.A. But         B. Then       C. And         D. Still

25.A. on         B. off         C. by           D. in

26.A. having     B. leaving          C. making       D. getting

27.A. swimmer     B. rider       C. walker         D. runner

28.A. hopes       B. faiths       C. rights           D. fears

29.A. spending     B. saving       C. wasting     D. ruining

30.A. should     B. would       C. had to     D. ought to

31.A. next       B. only         C. other       D. last

32.A. away from   B. out of         C. by         D. inside

33.A. put up     B. break down     C. play with      D. work out

34.A. the moment   B. the first time     C. while        D. before

35. A. fishing net      B. office things      C. wooden chair   D. lab equipment

36. A. stood up      B. set out        C. showed up   D. turned out

37. A. fine      B. strange      C. terrible     D. funny

38. A. the student      B. the assistant      C. myself      D. himself

39. A. memory   B. wealth        C. experience      D. practice 

40. A. which   B. who   C. what     D. whose

答案  21.B  22.D  23.A  24.C  25.D  26.A  27.A  28.D  29.A  30.B  31.B  32.D  33.C  34.C  35.B  36.C  37.A  38.C  39.A  40.B