Passage 3  (08·天津) 完形填空

Jenna, a popular girl from Westwood Middle School, had graduated first in her class and was ready for new   16   in high school.    17  , high school was different. In the first week, Jenna went to tryouts(选拔赛) for cheerleaders(拉拉队队员). She was competing against very talented girls, and she knew it would be    18   for her to be selected. Two hours later, the   19   read a list of the girls for a second tryout. Her heart   20   as the list ended without her name. Feeling   21   , she walked home carrying her schoolbag full of homework.

Arriving home, she started with math. She had always been a good math student, but now she was   22  . She moved on to English and history, and was   23   to find that she didn’t have any trouble with those subjects. Feeling better, she decided not to   24    math for the time being.

The next day Jenna went to see Mrs. Biden about being on the school    25   . Mrs. Biden wasn’t as   26   as Jenna. “I’m sorry, but we have enough   27   for the newspaper already. Come back next year and we’ll talk then.” Jenna smiled   28   and left. “Why is high school so   29   ?” she sighed.

Later in   30   class, Jenna devoted herself to figuring out the problems that had given her so much   31  . By the end of class, she understood how to get them right. As she gathered her books, Jenna decided she’d continue to try to    32   at her new school. She wasn’t sure if she’d succeed, but she knew she had to   33   . High school was just as her mom had said: “You will feel like a small fish in a big pond   34   a big fish in a small pond. The challenge is to become the   35   fish you can be.”

16. A. processes       B. decisions       C. challenges       D. exercises

17. A. Therefore       B. However       C. Otherwise       D. Besides

18. A. difficult         B. easy           C. boring           D. interesting

19. A. editor           B. boss           C. candidate         D. judge

20. A. jumped         B. sank           C. stopped         D. raced

21. A. strange         B. happy         C. awful           D. lonely

22. A. struggling       B. improving     C. working         D. complaining

23. A. ashamed         B. disappointed     C. shocked         D. relieved

24. A. put up           B. prepare for     C. worry about       D. give up

25. A. committee       B. newspaper     C. radio             D. team

26. A. enthusiastic       B. artistic         C. sympathetic       D. realistic

27. A. speakers       B. readers       C. cheerleaders       D. writers

28. A. widely       B. weakly       C. excitedly         D. brightly

29. A. similar       B. ordinary       C. different         D. familiar

30. A. physics       B. history       C. English           D. math

31. A. pleasure       B. hope         C. trouble            D. sorrow

32. A. fit in         B. look out       C. stay up            D. get around

33. A. swim         B. try           C. ask               D. escape

34. A. in return for   B. in case of     C. in terms of         D. instead of

35. A. slimmest       B. smallest       C. best              D. gentlest

答案  16.C   17.B     18.A    19.D    20.B  21.C   22.A   23.D    24.C   25.B    26.A    27.D    28.B    29.C   30.D  31.C   32.A   33.B    34.D   35.C