Part Language Knowledge(45 marks

Section A (15 marks)

Directionsfor each of the following unfinished sentences there are four choices marked A,B,C and D. Choose the one that best completes the sentence.


The wild flowers looked like a soft orange blanket _______ the desert.

A. covering         B. covered          C. cover         D. to cover 

The answer is A.

21. The ability _______ an idea is as important as the idea itself.

A. expressing       B. expressed         C. to express      D. to be expressed

22. —Joan, what _______ in your hand?

—Look! It’s a birthday gift for my grandma.

A. had you held                   B. are you holding

C. do you hold                    D. will you hold

23. The players _______ from the whole country are expected to bring us honor in this summer game.

A. selecting         B. to select         C. selected        D. having selected

24. I knew that        would over discourage him; he would never give up wanting to be a director.

A. something       B. anything        C. everything       D. nothing

25. Julia was good at German, French and Russian, all of _______ she spoke fluently.

A. who            B. whom           C. which          D. that

26. One-third of the country _______ covered with trees and the majority of the citizens _______ black people.

A. is; are          B. is; is             C. are; are          D. are; is

27. In 1492, Columbus _______ on one of the Bahama Islands, but the mistook is for an island off India.

A. lands           B. landed            C. has landed        D. had landed

28. —-No one _______ be compared with Yao Ming in playing basketball.

—Oh, you are really his big fan.

A. can            B. need               C. must            D. might

29. Do you wake up every morning _______ energetic and ready to start a new day?

A. feel            B. to feel              C. feeling          D. felt

30. It is most instructive lecture that I _______ since I came to this school.

A. attended        B. had attended         C. am attending     D. have attended

31. Before a problem can be solved, it must be obvious _______ the problem itself is.

A. what           B. that                C. which           D. why

32. Only after they had discussed the matter for several hours _______ a decision.

A. they reached     B. did they reach        C. they reach       D. do they reach

33. Jack wasn’t saying anything, but the teacher smiled at him _______ he had done something very clever.

A. as if            B. in case              C. while          D. though

34. In the near future, more advances in the robot technology _______ by science.

A. are making      B. are made             C. will make      D. will be made

35. It’s not what we do once in a while _______ shapes our lives, but what we do consistently.

A. which           B. that               C. how           D. when

Section B (18 marks)

DirectionsFor each blank in the following passages there are four words or phrases marked

A,B,C and D. Fill in each blank with the words or phrases that best fits the context.

People in communities have slowly been pushed apart through the years, mostly because people simply aren’t taking the time to say a simple “ hello. ” After considering this phenomenon, I decided I was going to   36   the way I was doing things.

My37  came one morning when I was in the community library. I passed by a girl who   38 her books out of her locker. Thinking like most that someone else would help her pick them up, I continued my way. However, when I had to   39   because I stupidly forgot my book, I noticed she had just finished packing them up by herself. No one had stopped to   40   her.

 “OK,” I thought to myself, “this is where I should have changed.”

My best opportunity came a few days later when I saw a man   41  by himself waiting for the library to open, so I sat down next to him and began a  42  . It was difficult to get started, and even when I had to say goodbye, almost every  43  from my new friend had a tone (语气) of doubt in it. And who could blame him?

People aren’t used to making an  44   chat with a stranger. But a change, no matter how  45  it is needed, doesn’t just happen. It takes people like us to make it possible. I  46  you to take a small step out of your comfort zone and try to make someone’s day a little brighter. Together, we can really make society come   47  as a whole.

36. A. change           B. explain            C. learn            D. show

37. A. trouble           B. doubt             C. wish             D. opportunity

38. A. took             B. dropped           C. got             

39. A. come out         B. stand by           C. go back           D. turn up

40. A. please           B. greet              C. help             D. praise

41. A. sitting           B. walking            C. riding          D. running

42. A. discussing       B. lesson             C. report           D. conversation

43. A. joke           B. response            C. cry             D.  story

44. A. unchangeable    B. unprepared         C. unforgettable     D. unfinished

45. A. desperately      B.  frequently        C.  simply          D.  widely

46. A. allow           B. warm             C. order             D. advise

47. A. later            B. straighter          C. closer             D. slower