Section C (12marks)

Directions: Complete the following passage by filling in each black with one word that best fits the context.

Dose going to college really 48 English class in college on the short story. Our first assignment was to read 49 short stories and then discuss which one was better. After reading both, I wasn’t sure. Over the 50 several months, my professor taught me 51 one story was so much better than the other.  52 was rich in metaphor(隐喻)and character development, while the other was humorous 53 too shallow. I couldn’t see this at first. Yet, in a few months, my brain got reeducated and 54could see the difference between good and bad writing and could appreciate literature at a whole new level.

Going to college helps build a strong mind, which leads 55 greater success in one’s life.

Part Reading Comprehension (30marks)

Directions: Read the following passages. Each passage is followed by several questions or unfinished statements .For each of them there are four choices marked A, B,C, and D .Choose the one that fits best according to the information given in the passage.


When first entered, Vanak Restaurant does not look like much of a restaurant, but once the pleasant smells of kabob (烤肉串)hit the senses, you are incapable of calling it anything less.

Owned by a local couple, this Persian restaurant has an inviting, homelike atmosphere that many restaurants lack.

The space is small with only a few dining tables and nearly no decoration, but the environment is truly charming.

Lying in a hardly noticeable street corner, the restaurant still attracts all customer especially those experienced in the delights of Middle Eastern cooking.

A common sight is that of old Persian men sitting in the corner talking loudly about world topics, watching news events on TV, drinking a black tea known as Persian chai, an reading local Persian newspapers all the while trying to finish off their plates piled wit food.

The variety of food at the restaurant is limited, but the amount of each dish is fairly large. Most of the meals can serve two people and are under $10, so not only is it affordably but practical as well.

The food, especially appeals to health-conscious eaters because each dish is very healthy, made with limited fat and oil and served straight off the grill(烤肉架).

The main dish that the restaurant is popular for is its kabobs, which are different style of grilled meat.

One delicious and extremely healthy dish is the Joojeh Kabob, which is made of grille chicken pieces served with either rice or bread. Another great kabob is the Chelo Kabob, kabob consisting of grilled beef.

Although the restaurant is small, the atmosphere and the food is delicious. It is a plan that should not be overlooked.

56. When first entering the restaurant ,one can find that it ______.

A. is splendidly decorated.

B. has pleasant smells of kabobs.

C. is crowded with dining table.

D. looks like a common restaurant.

57. What activity is also mentioned apart from dining in the restaurant?

A. Watching news events on TV.

B. Drinking a kind of black coffee.

C. Reading local English newspaper.

D. Discussing world topics in low voices.

58. The food of the restaurant _____.

A. is served in small amounts.

B. is rather expensive.

C. is rich in variety.

D. is very healthy

59.What is the dish Joojeh Kabob mainly made of _______?

A. Rice                 B. Chicken                   C. Bread                D. Beef

60. It can be inferred from the passage that restaurant _____.

A. occupies

B. owns a favorable location

C. is popular for its special food

D. has a quiet environment inside