Part Writing 45 marks

Section A10 mark

Directions: Read the following passage. Fill in the numbered blanks by using the information from the passage.

Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.

A person searches various websites for different reasons, such as school, work, or entertainment. For teenagers, many information resources on the Internet can be used. As a matter of fact, there are educational, music and art websites that are truly helpful to teenagers, because they can help make one’s life easier.

Educational websites are helpful to a teenager in doing school work and searching for a college. Some can help studying for testes, explaining a lesson , and doing homework .Some can help find the right school based on one’s interests. And still others have pages devoted to the social life at each colleges or the species activities that at a certain school.

Some free music sites enable a teenager to diversify their musical tastes. On these sites, all types of music are available such as pop, jazz and country.One can type in a song, category or artist and his or her entire catalog appears. Then, the listener can make multiple play lists without creating an account(账户) with the site.

There various art web, sites that can help students to appreciate and create art pieces. On these sites, a student can view numerous photos and art pieces from different. Mediums or create an account with the website to upload their art pieces for people to see. In addition, one can enjoy various art people have created on display for the rest of the world.

Truly informative resources offered on the Internet. The best suggestion one can receive is to try to look for new websites that can help in the educational, music, or art area so one can become well-rounded and informed.

Truly Helpful Websites for Teenagers


Many   71   are available on various websites.


I. Educational sites: helping one   72   and search for a college

•Study for tests, explain a lesson , and do homework

•Find the right school that one   73  

•Learn information about college social life and   74 


II. Free music sites:    75    to diversify musical tastes

•Listen to all types of music

•Type in a song, category, or artist to get an entire catalog

•Make multiple playlists   76  


III.    77    : helping one appreciate and create works

•View photos and works from mediums

   78    for others to see

   79   on display


Helpful websites can make teenagers   80  

Sect ion B(10 marks)

Directions: Read the following passage. Answer the questions according to the information given in the passage.

My First Long Run

Two weeks ago, I had a quarrel with my husband .After he had driven off in anger; I realized that I wasn’t going to feel any better just sitting there. Feeling abandoned and guilty, I put on my gym shoes to get some fresh air.

Our driveway has a slope(科技) that is easier just to jog down if you are lazy, taking advantage of gravity. Instead of stopping at the end of the lope, I decided to see if I could just jog to the end of the street. I had tried a few months ago and failed miserably. Since that first attempt I had been jogging regularly and was significantly fitter, but still very lazy. However this time around I managed to reach the stop sign with ease and I figured I would go a little further.

After about o ne kilometer, however, I noticed that my upper body was tense. To make the movement easier I had to relax my body, and tried to take deep breaths of fresh air.

I kept giving myself the excuse to stop. No one would be disappointed. No one would even know. But I didn’t stop. I wanted to keep going harder, better, faster, stronger. To my great surprise, I ran 4.9 km in 31 minutes. When I got back, I had tears in my eyes. I did something I thought I could never do.

It was the first long run of my life. Since then, I have improved my stride(步幅) and time. After every run I feel fitter, happier and motivated to keep progressing. I love the runner’s high. I normally jog because I want to look good. I want to run because it makes me feel good.

81. Why did the author feel guilty?

(NO more than 9 words)                                    (2 marks)


82. What did the author fail to do miserably a few months ago?

(NO more than 11 words)                                    (2 marks)


83. What excuses did the author keep giving herself to stop?

(NO more than 9 words)                                    (3 marks)


84. How is running different from jogging to the author?

(NO more than 14words)                                    (3 marks)


Section C (25 marks)

Directions: write on English composition according to the instructions given below in Chinese.





2. 不能使用真实姓名和学校名称。