Part III Listening Comprehension (35 minutes)

Section A

Directions: In this section, you will hear 8 short conversations and 2 long conversations. At the end of each conversation. One or more questions will be asked about what was said. Both the conversation and the questions will be spoken only once. After each question there will be a parse. During the parse. You must read the four choices marked A),B),C) and D), and decide which is the best answer. Then mark the corresponding letter on Answer Sheet 2 with a single line through the centre.


A)He has proved to be a better reader than the woman.

B)He has difficulty understanding the book.

C)He cannot get access to the assigned book.

D)He cannot finish his assignment before the deadline.

先从预览选项上看,A可以首先排除,后三项都在说有困难做某事/不能怎样,而A明显与后三不搭,再根据男女原则,the man也不可能是比这个女人更好的阅读者。听录音,关键词BUT,明显是考察转折关系的变化,关注BUT 后的部分,是全题的提问关键。

A)She will drive the man to the supermarket.

B)The man should buy a car of his own.

C)The man needn’t go shopping every week.

D)She can pick the man up at the grocery store.

A&D基本说的是一个意思,都是这个女人开车载这个男人到某处(宾语可以关注,同时也可预测到这是个开车去购物的场景题);注意男人的I’d be happy to 和女人的why don’t … 成鲜明对比,主要考察反问句式。

A)Get more food and drinks.

B)Ask his friend to come over.

C)Tidy up the place.

D)Hold a party.

首先预览选项可以推断出这是个和朋友开聚会的场景题(因为要准备吃的喝的,邀请朋友和收拾房间),但是听时较难,不易听出。主要听关键词和句,第一句男人的mess in here和后面女人的you’ll be doing most of today可判断出正确答案。考察听关键词和句然后判断。

A)The talks can be held any day except this Friday.

B)He could change his schedule to meet John Smith.

C)The first-round talks should start as soon as possible.

D)The woman should contact John Smith first.

首先B选项可以排除,按照“办事情不顺利原则”B明显不是正确答案。“schedule”的发音虽然不熟悉,但是我相信在预览选项时考生们应该注意到了这一点,能够较易听出;本题考察了other than (除了)和one day is as good as the next(哪天都一样)的短语搭配结构,注意as good as 连读了。

A)He understands the woman’s feelings.

B)He has gone through a similar experience.

C)The woman should have gone on the field trip. (应该继续)

D)The teacher is just following the regulations.

应用了虚拟语气“if I were you”这同样也表达了男人的观点,考察虚拟语气的建议句型。

A)She will meet the man halfway.

B)She will ask David to talk less.

C)She is sorry the man will not come.

D)She has to invite David to the party.

又是考察转折关系的题,注意BUT后就是此题的关键,答案往往就在BUT后,而且注意到the woman重读了insist,更是此题的重中之重。

A)Few students understand Prof. Johnson’s lectures.

B)Few students meet Prof. Johnson’s requirements.

C)Many students find Prof. Johnson’s lectures boring.

D)Many students have dropped Prof. Johnson’s class.

看到选项中的lecture\ Professor\student 就能判断是学校场景中跟教授讲座有关的题目。

A)Check their computer files.

B)Study a computer program.

C)Make some computations.

D)Assemble a computer.

依然是出现了转折性词BUT,但是BUT 后较难听出答案,反而是第一个人的话能比较容易听出:put a computer together before (Assemble a computer=组装电脑),这句和D选项基本吻合,吻合程度越高的选项成为正确选项的可能性就越大;再听Q是问这两个说话者在谈论什么,所以第一个人的话就可以判断出答案了