Section 2

Directions: Read the following passage, and then decide whether the statements are true (A) or false (B).Then blacken the corresponding letterA or Bon the Answer Sheet.(对的在答题卡上涂A, 错的在答题卡上涂B)

Passage Four

Questions 56 to 60 are based on the following passage.

When someone who is in good health dies suddenly, there is usually an inquest.

An inquest is a kind of court inquiry. The person in charge of an inquest is called a coroner (验尸官). His job is to find out exactly how a person died.

If there is nothing suspicious (怀疑的) about the death, he would decide that the person died from natural causes or an accident. If, however, he is suspicious, he may decide that the person’s death was caused by a person or persons unknown.

At one inquest, the coroner was trying to find out exactly what had caused the death of a local businessman, Henry Smith.

The man’s widow was offering the evidence. She was very upset and had to stop from time to time.

The coroner did not want to upset her more than necessary, but he had to find out the truth. There were questions he had to ask her.

“Mrs. Smith, I know this is too much for you,” he said, “but I want you to think very carefully and then answer my questions.”

“You and your husband were having dinner at home. Is that correct?”


“Suddenly he fell to the floor.”


“Did he say anything?”

The widow lowered her head.

“Please, Mrs. Smith, you must answer the question. What were his last words?”

The widow took a deep breath and then spoke. “He said,” she whispered, “I’m not surprised you were charged only 50 cents for that seafood we had for dinner.”           

(   ) 56. An inquest is done in one’s home.

(   ) 57. The coroner decides on the nature of a person’s death.

(   ) 58. The coroner was very careful in asking Mrs. Smith questions so as not to

 upset her.

(   ) 59. Mrs. Smith was quick to tell the truth.

(   ) 60. The bad seafood was responsible for Mr. Smith’s death. 

Paper Two

(60 minutes)

Part IV. Short Answer Questions (10 points; 15 minutes)

Directions:In this part there is a short passage with five questions or incomplete statements. Read the passage carefully. Then answer the questions or complete the statements in the fewest possible words (not exceeding 10 words) . Write your answers on the Answer Sheet of Paper Two. (请将此部分的答案写在试卷二的答题纸上)

Questions 61 to 65 are based on the following passage. 

All of us communicate with one another nonverbally as well as with words. Most of the time we’re not aware that we’re doing it. We gesture with eyebrows or hands, meet someone else’s eyes and look away, or change positions in a chair. These actions we assume are occasional. However in recent years researchers have discovered that there is a system to them almost as consistent and understandable as language.

One important kind of body language is eye behavior. Americans are careful about how and when they meet one another’s eyes. In our normal conversation, each eye contact lasts only about a second before one or both of us look away. When two Americans look searchingly into each other’s eyes, they become more intimate. Therefore, we carefully avoid this, except in suitable situations.

Researchers who are engaged in the study of communication through body movement are not prepared to spell out a precise vocabulary of gestures. When an American rubs his nose, it may mean he is disagreeing with someone or refusing something. But there are other possible interpretations, too. Another example: when a student in conversation with a professor holds the older man’s eyes a little longer than usual it can be a sign of respect, it can be a challenge to the professor’s authority, or it can be something else entirely. The researchers look for patterns in the situation, not for a separate meaningful gesture.

Communication between human beings would be just dull if it were all done with words. 

61. How can people communicate with each other besides language?


62.  Like language, gesture is ___________________________________________________.

63.  According to the second paragraph, an American will feel uncomfortable if someone __________________________________________________________________

64.  If a student holds his professor’s eyes a little longer in a conversation, what can it mean?


65.  What is the main idea of the passage?


Part V. Writing (30 points; 45 minutes)

Task 1

Directions: For this part, suppose you are Wang Ming, and you are going to visit Yunnan next week. You need a digital camera for your trip.  Write a letter of about 80 words to Bob, your good friend, to borrow one and the letter should include the following information:

1. 你为什么要借数码相机      

2. 你会好好爱护相机

3. 用完马上归还




Task 2

Directions: For this part, you are required to write a short essay of about 150 words to say something about how you can make your parents happy. Your essay should include the following information:

1. 为什么应该使得父母幸福

2. 如何做才能使得父母幸福