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China will adhere to an independent and peaceful foreign policy in dealing with international affairs.
perpetual Do you believe in perpetual love in this secular world? perplex I was perplexed by so many intricate questions. pervasive Beyond the realm of information technology, the accelerated pace of technological change in virtually every industry has created entirely new businesses, wiped out others, and produced a pervasive demand for continuous innovation. pollutant We will further promote energy and resources saving and reduction of pollutant discharge to make economic growth sustainable. ponder This set me pondering the obvious question: "How can it be so hard for kids to find something to do when there's never been such a range of stimulating entertainment available to them?" precede The motorcar was preceded by motorcycles.
永久的;不断的 在这个世俗的世界你还相信有天长地久的爱情吗? 使困惑,使为难 我被如此多的复杂的问题困扰着。 普遍的;到处渗透的 除了信息技术领域之外,每个产业的技术改变速度不断加快,彻底地开创了新的商业,清除旧的模式,产生了对持续创新的普遍需求。 污染物 我们将进一步促进能源和资源节约,减少污染物的排放,促使经济可持续增长。 考虑;沉思 这让我思考一个明显的问题:“当没有一系列娱乐活动,孩子可以做些什么有趣的事情呢?” 领先,在……之前 摩托车超过了汽车。