HINTS: This highly "grow into", after all, it is femininity lot Maradona 温馨提示: 写完单词就换行写句子~ 单词首字母不必大写~ 句首字母要大写哦~ e.g. adhere China will adhere to an independent and peaceful foreign policy in dealing with international affairs.
magnify The microscope magnified the object 100 times. maturity This highly polite style is no doubt something that young women have been expected to "grow into", after all, it is a sign not simply of femininity, but of maturity and refinement. migrate Wealthy people often migrate in winter to warmer, sunnier countries. misfortune Think about the misfortune of others that you may be satisfied with your own lot. negligible The damage to my car is negligible. notorious Maradona, a most famous football star, is a notorious drug addict.
赞美;夸大 显微镜把物体放大一百倍。 成熟;到期 毫无疑问,这种高度礼貌的风格是一些年轻女性眼中“长大”的标准,毕竟,这只是一个迹象,而不是简单的女性气质的成熟度和精细化。 随季节而移居 有钱人常在冬天移居到温暖有阳光的国家。 不幸;灾祸 想想别人的不幸,你可以对自己的命运感到满足。 微不足道的,可以忽略的 我的汽车的损坏程度可忽略不计。 声名狼藉的,臭名昭著的 马拉多纳——一个著名的球星,却是一个臭名昭著的吸毒者。