HINTS: lapse create stability Capitalism and socialism that decisive 温馨提示: 写完单词就换行写句子~ 单词首字母不必大写~ 句首字母要大写哦~ e.g. adhere China will adhere to an independent and peaceful foreign policy in dealing with international affairs.
conscientious This essay is a most conscientious piece of work. consolidate As we all know, too many countries lapse back into violence when efforts to consolidate peace or create stability are weak. consultancy Software, consultancy and mobile telephones use far less oil than steel or car production. contrive After much difficulty, I contrived to pull the boat onto the beach. converge Capitalism and socialism will not eventually converge. decisive Your English proficiency is the decisive factor in getting the job. deduce You will notice water rising in the tube, now what do you deduce from that? deem He deemed that it was his duty to help. deprive It is absolutely unfair that these children are deprived of the rights to receive education.
认真的;尽责的 这篇散文是精雕细刻写出来的。 巩固,加强 众所周知,当为巩固和平或者创建稳定的环境所做的努力是白费时,很多国家都陷入暴力。 咨询公司;顾问工作 软件, 咨询和手机业消耗石油比钢铁和汽车生产要少得多。 设计;发明 克服许多困难之后,我设法把船拉到海滩。 聚合;集中于一点 资本主义和社会主义最终不会合二为一。 决定性的;果断的 你英语的熟练程度是你得到这份工作的关键因素。 推论,推断 你将会注意到试管中的水会上升,那么你从中得出什么结论呢? 认为,视作 他认为帮助别人是他的职责。 使丧失,剥夺 这些孩子被剥夺了受教育的权利,这绝对不公平。