HINTS: endeavor homogeneous 读得有点小问题,大家不要学这个发音哦~ 温馨提示: 写完单词就换行写句子~ 单词首字母不必大写~ 句首字母要大写哦~ e.g. adhere China will adhere to an independent and peaceful foreign policy in dealing with international affairs.
comply China will strictly comply with the universally acknowledged market rules. conspicuous The house standing on the island is very conspicuous. endeavor Despite our best endeavors, we couldn't get the machine started. homogeneous Milk and cream are homogeneous foods, and they are both dairy products. immerse She was so deeply immersed in reading that she forgot the supper. indulge Will you indulge my curiosity and tell me how much it cost? persistent She eventually married the most persistent of her admirers.
遵守,遵从 中国严格遵守同行的市场规则。 显著的;显而易见的 在岛上建房屋是显得格外突出。 尽力,竭力 尽管我们进了最大努力,但是机器还是不能正常启动。 同种的 牛奶和奶油是同一种食物,他们都是奶制品。 沉浸;使陷入 我沉浸在读书中,忘记了吃晚饭。 沉溺;放任 你能不能满足我的好奇心,告诉我这要多少钱? 固执的,坚持的;持久稳固的 她最终嫁给了她的追求者中最痴情的一个。