HINTS: a day's leave infectious(发音略怪~) 温馨提示: 写完单词就换行写句子~ 单词首字母不必大写~ 句首字母要大写哦~ e.g. adhere China will adhere to an independent and peaceful foreign policy in dealing with international affairs.
extract The newspaper extracted several passages from the speech and printed them on the front page. flaw There is a flaw in the marble near the base of the statue. fraud Bend the law for personal gain and engage in fraud. hamper Our progress was hampered by the bad weather. impart A good teacher should impart wisdom to his pupils. incentive His words gave me incentive, and I worked twice as hard. incidentally Incidentally, your letter came only this morning. indignant He was most indignant with me when I asked for a day's leave. infectious An infectious disease is one that can be passed from one person to another.
提取;取出 报纸摘录了他的几段演讲并在头版登出。 瑕疵,裂纹 雕像底座的大理石有裂纹。 欺骗,诡计 因为个人利益和从事欺诈而违法。 妨碍,束缚 我们前进途中受到了恶劣天气的阻碍。 给予,传授 好老师就应该把智慧传递给学生。 动机;刺激 他的话鼓励了我,使我加倍努力工作。 偶然地,附带地 顺便提一句,你的信直到今天早上才收到。 愤愤不平的,义愤的 当我向他请一天假时,他十分愤愤不平。 传染的,传染性的 传染性疾病就是能从一个人传染到另一人的疾病。