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Good morning, Oakleaf Business Training. How can I help you? Hello, my name's Enid Stevens of Appleyard Smith. I've looked two one-day courses, but now I need to change one of them. Let me get your details up on the screen. Right, you've booked Report Writing next month... Yes, that one's OK. It's Taking Minutes that I can't manage, on the 18th of July. Do you know when it's running again? Let me see. Not until the 18th of September, I'm afraid. That sounds fine. Oh, I think I'll abroad then. Then there's the first and the 13th of October. I'd like the later date, please. Fine, I'll change your booking. Another thing, it says in your brochure, everyone attending a course gets a certificate, but I haven't received one from a course I took last January. I'm sorry about that. Which course was it? Something to do with dealing with the public? That must have been Customer Service. Sounds familiar. OK, I'll put it in the post today. Thank you very much. Goodbye. Goodbye.