Who's building the new China? It's not the factory owners or the business men and women of China. It's someone else. We see them every day, They work day and night in the terrible working conditions and weather. They build the roads, the theaters, the cinemas and the supermarkets. They even clean up our rubbish. They are China’s migrant workers(民工).

More than 140 million workers have left their homes in the countryside to look for jobs in big cities all over China. They hope to be rich, but they realize they have many difficulties in making enough money. And one of the difficulties that these workers have is the pride and discrimination(歧视)from the people in cities. When night falls, everywhere I look I see the sad faces of the migrant workers. Many are living far away from those whom they love. Yes,they dress differently, they speak differently, and they have different habits, but they work hard .The people in cities regard them as outsiders, and most governments refuse to give them medical care and public schooling for their children. If China hopes to move into the future, many things need to change. The first is discrimination! We need to stop our discrimination against the migrant workers of China! They may not make as much money as some people in cities, but they are good honest people just trying to survive this game of life. These workers are very important and necessary to China’s economic (经济)development and have become an important force for the change of Chinese society. They are building the new China, so we should help them.

51 .The journalist think __________ is building the new China.

A. the factory owners of China B. the business men and women of China

C. the migrant workers of China D. the people in Chinese cities

52. Which is the best title for the fourth and fifth paragraphs?

A. Moving forward            B. The discrimination from the people in cities.

C. How to make more money.  D. A lonely life.

53. The word “survive” here in Chinese means “________”.

A.活过来     B.挺过来    C.活得累 D.活得长

54. Which one is NOT TRUE about China's migrant workers according to the report?

A. They should be helped by us.

B. More than 1.4 billion migrant workers have been in big cities to make money.

C. They are not welcomed by the people in cities because they regard them as outsiders.

D. They have become quite important to the change of Chinese society.

55. What does the report mainly tell us? .

A. Though China's migrant workers work hard, their condition is terrible.

B. The condition of China's migrant workers needs to be changed for China's development.

C. The people in cities aren't polite to the migrant workers.

D. China's development only depends on the migrant workers.


51. C. 细节理解题。 第一段可知答案。是中国的农民工正在建设我们祖国。

52. B. 主旨大意题。文章后面是讲城市人对农民工有偏见。

53. B. 词义猜测题。农民工努力在人生这场比赛里存活下来,即挺过来。

54. C. 细节理解题。不是他们自己把他们看成是外来人,而是城市人把他们看成是外来人。

55. B. 主旨大意题。纵观全文,作者的写作目的是想告诉我们,农民工的生活状况急需改善。