II. 单项填空。(20小题,每小题1分,共20分)


【2011黔西南】11. She got a red bike on her_________ birthday.

A. nine   B. ninth    C. nineth     D. the ninth

解析:B. 考查序数词。一般情况下序数词前面应该有定冠词the,但当前面有物主代词等限定词时,则省略the.

【2011黔西南】12.—You look worried. What's your________?—I have trouble learning English.

A. name   B. question C. problem D. job

解析:C. 考查名词辨析。根据语境应该是问对方有什么问题、麻烦。Question是用来回答的问题。常常与answer连用。

【2011黔西南】13. —Which would you like to drink, coffee or orange juice?

—___________. Please give me a cup of tea.

A. Neither    B. Both     C. All      D. None

解析:A. 考查不定代词。此题容易排除C, D.根据语境应该是两种饮料都不喝。

【2011黔西南】14. When were you born?一I was born _____ the morning of June 18th,1975

A. in         B. on      C. at      D. to

解析:B. 考查介词的用法。具体某天早上用on.

【2011黔西南】15. _________many children like KFC, I think they'd better try not to eat it too often.

A. Because  B. When  C. Although D. If

解析:C. 考查连词。句意:尽管孩子们喜欢肯德基,我认为他们最好不要经常吃。

【2011黔西南】16. There_______ a concert to be shown in Hong Kon g next week.

A. will have  B. is      C. will be    D. has

解析:C. 考查There be句型。根据后面的时间副词应该用一般将来时。

【2011黔西南】17. Don't talk to Mary like that, she is only____ eleven-year-old girl.

A. a         B. an      C. the       D./

解析:B. 考查冠词。此题表示泛指,并且eleven的首字母读原音,故选择B.

【2011黔西南】18.—What do you think of the lecture of Li Yang s Crazy English?

—I think it's_________,but someone thinks it's much too _______.

A. wonderful enough; bored  B. enough wonderful; boring

C. wonderful enough; boring  D. enough wonderful; bored

解析:C. 考查形容词副词的用法。Enough修饰形容词常常放形容词后面,boring用来修饰物,bored用来修饰人。

【2011黔西南】19.I don't understand the story though there are___ new words in it.

A. few  B. little  C. a few    D. a little

解析:A. 考查单词辨析。Few, a few修饰可数名词复数; little, a little修饰不可数名词。根据句意此题选择表示否定意义的单词few.

【2011黔西南】20. —My sports shoes are _____ out.—How long have you_____them?

A. worn;  bought     B. wearing; had  C. wearing; bought  D. worn; had

解析:D. 考查过去分词。 Be worn out破烂的,东西买多久了应该用一个连续性动词。

【2011黔西南】21.She as well as her classmates________ English very much.

A. like  B. Likes C. have liked     D. liked

解析:B. 考查主谓一致。当主语后面有with, as well as, besides, but等等连接另外一个代词或名词时,谓语动词的书还与原来的主语保持一致。

【2011黔西南】22.—Could you tell me________?— He is in his office.

A. where Nick was  B. where is Nick  C. where was Nick  D. where Nick is

解析:D. 考查宾语从句。 宾语从句用陈述句语序,排除B, C. 根据语境用一般现在时。故选择D.

【2011黔西南】23.—Must I finish my homework at school?— No, you_____. you can do it at home

A. can't   B. mustn't    C. needn’t     D. won’t

解析:C. 考查情态动词。以Must开头的一般疑问句其否定回答用needn’t或don’t have to.

【2011黔西南】24. _________ music she is playing!

A. What nice B. How nice   C. What a nice D. How nice a

解析:A. 考查感叹句。What+形容词+不可数名词+其 他!本题music是不可数名词。故选择A.

【2011黔西南】25. ________ we plant, __________ our city will be.

A. The more trees; the beautiful      B. The less trees; the more beautiful

C. The more trees; the more beautiful  D. The less trees; the beautiful

解析:C. 考查形容词的比较级。The+比较级,the+比较级, 表示越。。。,就越。。。.


【2011黔西南】26.The Smiths are having dinner at home at the moment.

A. Mr Smith   B. Mrs Smith C.The Smith family  D. Mr Smith and his son

【2011黔西南】27. Lucy does better in drawing than her twin sister.

A. is better for   B. is better at   C. is better to  D. is better in

【2011黔 西南】28.—What do you often do after supper?

—I often watch TV. but sometimes go out for a walk.

A. sometimes    B. sometime  C. at times    D. some time

【2011黔西南】29. All the children had a good time at Mark's birthday party.

A. help each other B. enjoy themselves C. had a wonderful time D. have a big dinner

【2011黔西南】30. Den Yaping could play ping-pong when she was four.

A. at the age of four B. four years later  C. for four years D. four years age

26-30. CBCBA