C. Listen to the passage and tell whether the following statements are true or false

It was a sunny Friday. A man was walking along the streets of a large city. He was dressed as a countryman. He was carrying a small parcel. It was wrapped up carefully. It had a name and an address on it. There was also some writing which said it had 1000 dollars inside. The countryman was looking for the house where he had to send the parcel.

Just at that time, a stranger passed by. He asked the countryman what he was looking for. 

The countryman seemed very happy to see someone passing. He immediately showed the parcel to the stranger. He asked the stranger to read the address on it. "My boss told me about it, but I have forgotten it," he said, "And I don't know how to read." "Why!" said the stranger, "That's my name and address. It's my parcel. It's from my old friend, Bob. He promised to send it to me a week ago. So, it's here at last!"

The countryman looked pleased to hear this. "Take it if it's yours," he said, "But you must give me sixty dollars for my trouble." The stranger did so happily. The countryman then got on a passing bus. The stranger went to a quiet corner to look at the parcel. Inside it, there was nothing but some pieces of old cloth.

D. Listen to the passage and complete the following sentences

W: Hello, David.

M: Good morning, Mrs. Smith.

W: I suppose you're going to play basketball today.

M: No, not today. I'm going to my friend's house to show him my favourite new stamps. Maybe we'll exchange some.

W: I didn't know you were a stamp-collector.

M: Collecting stamps is my hobby. I started collecting stamps in 1995.

W: I also collected stamps when I was young and I must admit that I'm still interested in the hobby. You'll have to come to my house one day and we'll share our stamps.

M: I'd like to do that very much, because you'll have many stamps that I've never seen.

W: I expect I have, as I stopped collecting about twenty years ago and that was before you were born.

M: Why have you kept your collection if you have stopped collecting?

W: I still like looking at all the different stamps in my spare time. I hope you look after your collection as well as I have looked after mine.

M: I'll try my best to.


Part 1

I. 1. D   2. G   3. A   4. B   5. C   6. E   7. C   8. B   9. A    10. D   11. A   12. C   13. C   

14. B   15. D   16. D   17. T   18. T   19. F   20. F   21. T   22. F   23. F

24. basketball    25. favourite    26.  1995    27. hobby    28. share    29. twenty/20    30. spare

Part 2

II.31. C   32. A   33. D   34.C   35.B   36. C   37. B   38. D   39. A   40. A  

41. B   42. C  43. B   44. A   45. D   46. A   47. B   48. C   49. A   50. D

III.51. D   52. H   53. E   54. I   55. B   56. F   57. A   58. C

IV.59. watches    60. themselves    61. third    62. forgetful    63. safely    64. long 65. operate    66. speech

V. 67. didn't, put   68. How often    69. How well    70. Both, and

71.I think      72. were moved    73. if/whether, likes

Part 3

VI.74. B   75. D   76. A   .77. C   78. D   79. B    

80. B   81. C   82. A    83. D   84. A   85. C

86. obey     87. alone     88. provide     89. Behind   

90. relationship    91. Everyone/Everybody    92. deeper

93. No./No, she didn't.

94. Two/2.

95. Because they had to sell Tara at the end of the journey.

96. Yes, she does.

97. To the national park.

98. Exciting but a bit hard. (Any possible answer is acceptable. )

VII.99. 略