Part 2  Vocabulary and Grammar

II.Choose the best answer (选择最恰当的答案:(共20分)

31.Diana often helps her mother lay ________ table before dinner.

A) a                      B) an                    C) the                    D)/

32. Jack was lucky to get two tickets ________ that concert.

A) for                     B) in                    C) on                     D) about

33. This is not Kitty's dictionary.________ has an orange cover.

A) She                    B)Her                   C) Herself              D) Hers

34. The play was not interesting, so there were ________ empty seals in the theatre.

A) a little                 B) a lot                  C) many               D) much

35. Nowadays people have many ways to communicate ________ their friends.

A) at                       B) with                   C) to                   D) of

36.I felt so hungry at midnight, but I couldn't find ________ to eat in my flat.

A) everything           B) something          C) anything          D) nothing

37.Cathy usually has a badminton lesson once a week, ________ ?

A) does she              B) doesn't she         C) has she           D) hasn't she

38.It's said that the road we drove along just now is ________ in this area.

A) busy                     B) busier                 C) busiest            D) the busiest

39.Don't stay up too late.________ you'll find it hard to get up on time tomorrow.

A) or                        B) but                       C) and                 D) so

40.Susan did quite well in the final exam ________ she had missed two weeks' lessons.

A) though                  B) if                         C) because           D) unless

41.The news that our school will move to a,better place sounds ________.

A) well                        B) exciting                C) suddenly           D) happily

42.When I saw James, he ________ chess with his grandfather in the garden.

A) plays                      B) played                  C) was playing      D) had played

43.Christiana said that she  ________ another trip to Sweden the next day.

A) will take                   B) would take           C) is taking           D) had taken

44.Teachers always encourage their students ________ more confident.

A) to be                       B) be                        C) are                  D) were

45.We all know that it is dangerous ________ too fast on the highway.

A) drive                         B) driving                 C) drives               D) to drive

46.Let Joan ________ to my office an hour later. I'm busy with a report at the moment.

 A) come                        B) to come               C) comes              D)   will  come

47.— Can I take these magazines home?

— Yes, you ________ , but please return them in two days.

A) must                           B) may                     C) should           D) need

48. Just wait a few more minutes. I'll finish ________ the letter at once.

A) type                             B) typed                   C) typing          D) to type.

49.— I like the photos you took for me very much.


A) I'm glad to hear that.                                 B) That's very kind of you.

C) Please don't say that.                                  D) What a pity!

50.— May I open the window for a while? It's a bit warm inside.


A) Yes, I'd like to.       B) Not at all.              C) Don't mention it.     D) Yes. go ahead.

III.Complete the following passage with the words or phrases in the box. Each one can only be used once.(8)

A. get ready for     B. look after          C. sweetly                 D. monitor

E. successful       F. cute        G. hardly         H. countries      I. need

It was a bright Saturday and we were sitting in a modern restaurant. We were all students together many, many years ago. We had finished the noodles at the end of the meal, when the     51    said, "Let's take it in turns to talk about our experiences."

Cathy started, "I have travelled a lot. I have visited many     52     because of my work. I have

seen the River Amazon, stopped in Paris and seen the snow in Canada. I've also been riding on a camel in the Arabian Desert."

Joyce said, "1 have been very     53      and am rich. I have opened many businesses, worked

hard and had plenty of good ideas. So if you 54     help in doing business, I'll always be glad

to give you a hand."

"Well, I have done a lot of good things. I    55     people in hospital, raise money for the

hospital's services and help people," said Ricky.

Next was Ken. Once he was a    56     little boy; now he was a serious older man with heavy glasses and not much hair. "I have worked in a science research centre. I have been busy in my laboratory day after day. I have always been thinking about the future ana helping us    57    it" Then there was silence.

"So what about you. Mary?"

Mary smiled     58    , "I have done everything you have done."

"How can that be ?"

"I have travelled all around the world and into space and into the past and many other wonderful things, all through the world of books..."

IV.Complete the sentences with the given words in their proper forms (8)

59.This shop sells all kinds of __________ from different countries.  (watch)

60.Students should be taught how to learn by __________. (they)

61.We were told to turn right at the __________ traffic light. (three)

59.It's natural for us to become more __________ when we get old. (forget)

60.Luckily, the small ship came back __________ after a big storm. (safe)

61.We couldn't believe that it was her real hair because it was so __________ . (length)

62.Amy's job is to __________ the new machine that was bought last week. (operation)

63.Jane felt nervous when she made her first __________ in front the whole school. (speak)

V.Rewrite the following sentences as required.(14)

67.Henry put on his scarf before he left the office. (改为否定句)

Henry __________ __________ on his scarf before he left the office.

68.Andersonplays tennis twice a week. (对划线部分提问)

__________  __________ does Anderson play tennis?

69.Charles did very well at the school sports meeting this year. (改为感叹句)

__________ __________Charles did at the school sports meeting this year!

70.Rose went to the car exhibition yesterday. Danny went there, too.(保持句意基本不变)

__________ Rose __________ Danny went to the car exhibition yesterday.

71.In my opinion, children can learn about responsibility from doing some housework.

__________ __________ that children can learn about responsibility from doing some housework.

72.Mrs. Green moved most of the flower pots into the house last night. (改为被动语态)

Most of the flower pots __________ __________ into the house by Mrs. Green last night.

73.Does Mike like his new job? Mike's parents wonder.  ( 合并为一句)

Mike's parents wonder __________ he __________ his new job.