1. I don’t think I’ll need any money but I’ll bring some ____________。
   last         case         again         time
  解析:答案为B。句意为“带些钱以防万一”,只能选择in case。引导的条件状语从句,后面省略了I should need it。
2. The WTO can’t live up to its name _________ it doesn’t include a country that is home to one fifth of man-kind。
   long as                       though
  解析:答案为C。本题考查状语从句的用法。句意为“假如世贸组织不包括占世界人口五分之一的中国的话,那它就名不副实”。as long as语气过于强烈,while和even though不符合句意。
3、Someone called me up in the middle of the night, but they hung up_________I could answer the phone。