1.The Olympic Games, ______ in 776 B.C,did"t include women players until 1919.
   playing be first played played be first playing
  析:根据题干,必须选表示被动的选项,故排除A、D;因B选项表“将要被举行”意,不合题干之用,只有C选项(相当于which was first played)才合用。
2.European football is played in 80 countries, ______ it the most popular sport in the world.
   析:B、C是谓语动词,在此不可用。D项to make或表目的,或表“将要使得”,这都不合题干情景。只有,可作状语,表结果。
    再举一现在分词作结果状语例: The bus was held up by the snowstorm,causing the delay.公共汽车被大风雪所阻,因而耽误了。
3.Little Jim should love ______ to the theatre this evening.
   be taken take taken
  析:根据this evening,应选表示将来义的选项,C、D应排除。Take后无宾语,必然要用被动式,故答案为A。
4.John was made ______ the truck for a week as a punishment.
   wash g be washing
  析:根据be made to do sth.句式,可定答案为A。
5.The patient was warned ______ oily food after the operation.
   eat not not to eat eating
  析:根据warn sb.(not)to do sth.句式,可排除B、D两项;又根据非谓语动词的否定式not总是在首位的规律,又可排除A,而定C。
6.——I usually go there by train. ——Why not ______ by boat for a change?
   try going to go try and go going
  析:此题可根据why not后直接跟原形动词规律而一举确定正确答案为D。若将B项改为try to go,则要根据其与try going意义之别来确定答案。依据题干对话内容,乙方是建议甲方尝试乘船变变花样,所以答案仍为D。
7.______ a reply,he decided to write again.
  A.Not receiving B.Receiving not
  C.Not having received D.Having not received
8.Charles Babbage is generally considered ______ the first computer.
   invent ing have invented mvented
  析:consider表“考虑”意时,其后动词用doing形式,此处不表“考虑”,而表“认为”,这时consider后作宾语补足语或主语补足语多为to do,to have done,to be等形式。据此可排除B、D两个选项。又因A表“要发明”意,不合题用,只有C表“发明了”意,才合题用,故选C。