The World Cup this year created many psychics around the world making unbelievable correct predictions. If you think Germany’s ‘Octopus oracle’ is magical, China also had a faceless ‘superior being” that caused a sensation on the Internet with his predictions. Netizens calls him “Brother Future” or “King Future”.


On June 13, 12:04 pm, two days before the 2010 South Africa World Cup, a Baidu user named “X from the future” (X来自未来) posted this post titled “From the near future, come in if you want to know” on the Baidu Post Bar under the category of “2012 Bar. 


He wrote:



I came from the near future, I know many people will think this is a joke, I am willing to first show everyone a little proof.


My proof is very simple, in the currently popular World Cup, the final will be played between the Netherlands and Spain, the Netherlands beat Spain 2:1, Sneijder and another bench player you would not guess the name scored. Hope my words will not travel to South Africa before the final, or else I worry about this affecting players’ mentality, and changes the history.


I will come back one month later, at that time you will believe everything I say about the future.

According to Baidu Wiki, at first this post was not noticed, but as the teams advances out of group matches and the tournament entered the knockout stage, especially when the Netherlands beat the popular 5 times champion Brazil, this post quickly attracted more attention and discussions.


Comments flooded in, and many users registered their names to be “A from the future”, “B from the future”, “C from the future”…. in order to get attention. “X from the future” was also called “Brother Future” or “King Future” by the netizens. Up to now, this post was already reposted 9,259 times, and half of the posts in the “2012 Bar” were all discussions about the motive of “X from the future”, some gave explanations debunking him, but more people praised and supported him.


Up to July 10, 2010, 12:32pm, this post generated 204,961comments, up to 20,000 clicks per second at one point. People called it the God Post.


Because of the public attention of the World Cup, this post will likely become the most clicked post in the history of all forum posts. July 8, 2010 around noon, the post was growing in the rate of 5 pages per second (with comments) due to the crazy number of the comments flooded in, indeed a magical post. Up till now, Brother Future’s predictions are all correct, the final is going to be between the Netherllands and Spain. I am looking forward to July 12, the final results of the match between the Netherlands and Spain. The identity of “X form the future” is still to be confirmed, let’s wait and see.