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The Vampire Diaries is delivering one of its quintessential flashback episodes on March 15, and we’ve got a sneak peek at the time-trippy, circa 1912 hour featuring a very tough guest turn from Cassidy Freeman.
《吸血鬼日记》将在3月15日的最新一集中再次出现经典“穿越”,闪回到1912年。 《超人前传》女星卡辛迪·弗里曼强势加盟,出演全新角色Sage。

The Smallville alumna’s beautiful vampire, Sage — who also happens to be a boxer – will reveal how Damon came to be the bad boy vampire we know and love today. But she’s not the only new face we’ll be meeting. The sure-to-be juicy episode — co-penned by executive producer Julie Plec — will also introduce newcomer Lindsey R. Garrett as Elena’s distant relative and Mystic Falls founding family member Samantha Gilbert.
Sage是一位漂亮的吸血鬼,同时还是一名拳击运动员。她将向我们揭示Damon如何成长为现在这个我们所了解并热爱的吸血鬼。弗里曼还不是唯一的新面孔。编剧还推出了另一位全新角色,由Lindsey R. Garrett饰演的Samantha Gilbert,她是Elena的远房亲戚,神秘瀑布镇创始家族的成员之一。

Check out the gallery below and then hit the comments with your thoughts on the new gals (and the return of Damon’s bowler hat!).

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