Doppelgangers to the left because the real deal is back in Mystic Falls!

That's right, after almost two full seasons of absence, Nina Dobrev has finally returned to the scene of the crime for The Vampire Diaries' series finale, as promised, and producer Kevin Williamson shared a first glimpse of the actress hanging out with himself and a very special co-star.
离开剧组差不多整整2季的Nina Dobrev终于要回归《吸血鬼日记》的大结局季了,之前制作人Kevin Williamson发布过一张Nina Dobrev和本剧以为男主的合照。

Nope, it wasn't ex-flame-slash-on-screen-boyfriend Ian Somerhalder who shared a smile with Dobrev during their off-time from filming, but rather Paul Wesley who portrays her first love turned semi-brother-in-love Stefan Salvatore.
不过照片里的男主不是Nina Dobrev的荧幕+现实前任男友Ian Somerhalder,而是在剧中扮演Nina Dobrev初恋Stefan Salvatore的男演员Paul Wesley。