Lifetime has canceled "Drop Dead Diva," again. The dramedy will be ending after its upcoming sixth season. The show was previously canceled during its fifth season, then resurrected by Lifetime. The 13-episode final season premieres Sunday, March 23 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

"Diva" consistently drew over 2 million viewers per episode -- a solid number for basic cable. Speculation about the cancellation centers around Lifetime wanting to move in a new, edgier creative direction.
虽然《美女上错身》每集收视观众数量连续多集超过200万,但 Lifetime还是 决定砍掉本剧,把档期让给其他新剧。

"Diva" fans are likely to be especially upset given the way Season 4 ended: Jane (Brooke Elliott) shared a kiss with Grayson (Jackson Hurst) the same day she was supposed to marry Owen (Lex Medlin), who promptly suffered a heart attack.
《美女上错身》的观众们对第四季的结局很失望,在第四季的结局中:在Jane和Owen结婚的那一天,Jane居然跟 Grayson接吻了,这让Owen万分伤心。