Paramount Pictures have changed a scene in World War Z for the Chinese market.

The studio asked the film's producers to remove the offending scene where main characters debate the geographic origin of the zombie outbreak which has engulfed the world.

According The Wrap, Paramount executives were keen to remove the minor plot point from the zombie film, which stars Brad Pitt, as they hope to land a distribution deal in China, the world's fastest-growing market, and were worried the negative reference to the country would prevent that from happening.

World War Z stars Brad Pitt as Gerry Lane, a UN employee combing the globe for information to stop a zombie epidemic which is already destroying whole nations. The film is based on the acclaimed 2006 novel of the same name by Max Brooks.

It's the latest film from director Marc Forster, whose previous credits include Quantum Of Solace, Finding Neverland and Monster's Ball. Shooting took place in 2011 in various European locations including Glasgow, Cornwall, Budapest and Malta.

Alongside Pitt, the cast also includes Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston, Mireille Enos from The Killing and 24 actor James Badge Dale.