New Horizon College English
Book 4 Unit 1
Teaching Plan
(4 periods)

Section A The Temptation of a Respectable Woman
Section B The Obligations and Responsibilities to Marriage
Section C The Positive Meanings of Love

l) Help students to enjoy the language power that forms the description of the great changes in romantic feelings of a respectable woman,based on some explanation of words.
2) direct the students to the difference between Chinese and English in collocations For example,We say receive a telephone in Chinese,but in English Answer the telephone is acceptable.
3) go over the writing skill of cause -effect structure.
4) go over reading skill: read between lines

Teaching procedure

Period 1

Period 2

Period 3

Period 4

Warm-up activities

Global reading

Detailed reading

After reading

Section B

Section A The Temptation of a Respectable Man
Warm- up Activities
Group Discussion:
1. Have you ever read,witnessed,or experienced romance in your life?
2. What do you think of it ? discuss and share with your classmates.

Global Reading
Text Organization:
Scan Text A And try to make clear about the structure of this passage
  Part 1:.Paral&2 .Introduction of the story
  Part 2: . main body of the story: the con1Plex emotions of the respectable woman to the female woman and her upright actions
  Part3: Para end of the story: he woman overcame her own emotion and formed suitable response to the visitor,friend of her husband.

Detailed Reading
Language study
1. Sentence explanation:
She left her husband and his guest,…only to find that Gouvernail hardly noticed her absence
Explanation this sentence involves an infinitive as adverbial to express sth. (sant)
happens unexpectedly
Eg. The solider went home on leave,only to find his father died.
   They lifted the stone,only to drop it on their own feet.他举起石头砸了自己的脚。

2. Learning Points of words or Phrases:
1 .Penetrate: vt understand or discover sth .that 15 difficult to understand or 15 hidden. Or, into? through/ to。) go into or through sth.
I could not penetrate the mystery .我不能洞察这个秘密。
These fine Particles Penetrate deep into the lungs.
2 .the last thing: the least desirable thing or Person.
  The last thing we need 15 to have the Police involved.
  The boy 15 50 noisy that he 15 the last to the old lady.
3 .melt: v slowly 90 away or disappear;(feelings,etc)become softer or less strong
The sun melted the fog.日出雾散。
He only has to look at her,and she melts.
4 .upright: honest and responsible and moral
the young man was upright in his business.
The guards stood upright at the gate.卫兵笔直地站立在门前。
ission: Measures should be taken to cut off the means of transmission of diseases.
应该采取措施切断疾 病传染的途径。
Cf : transfer , translate, transform, transport
The football player is transferred to England Club.
Light can be transformed into heat. Train is a means of transportation of long distance.
6. .No better than ; here no can be used as an adverb before comparatives, means “ not at all “. The result of exam is no better than the last time.
No more…. than :
He is no more a worker than a teacher.
The article is no more than 100 words.那篇文章仅仅 100 字。
7. Deny : refuse to be true; refuse to give
He denies his wife nothing .他对妻子有求必应。
She denied knowing nothing about the plan.他否认知道这个计划。
8..elastic ,adj flexible
 My plans are fairly elastic.我的计划相当灵活。
9. .scheme : plan .
Jack’s scheme for raising money is practicable.杰克筹款的计划是可行的。
: going after
He set his heart on pursuing his studies abroad.他下决心到国外求学。
ledge: vt show thanks to
 The candidate waved his hands to acknowledge the cheers of the crowd.
候选人挥手对大众的欢 呼表示感谢。
te , vt change to be suitable for
The instrument regulates the temperature of the room.
n: vt to keep for long time
Hope sustains him in his misery.
my part: personally
 For my part, I’m quite satisfied with the arrangement.
to: allow oneself to be overcome , stop opposing or resisting
We will never yield to force.我们绝不向暴力屈服。
t in:
Happiness doesn’t consist in money.有钱并不一定幸福。
Cf: consist of / consist with His actions consist with his words. The class consists of three groups.
17. run down: decline in physical condition; weaken or exhausted in mind or vigor
His health ran down to a dangerous level.他的健康状况到了危险的状况。
The heavy work. almost ran her down..着繁重的工作几乎把她累垮了。 :
cf: run out (of) run after, run into We have run out of water.
He is keen to run after money and fame.

After Reading
Work in small groups and discuss the following questions.
1. Discuss the true meaning of LOVE in groups, with Section C as references.
2. Discuss what you’ll behave if you dislike your partner’s friend to stay at your home.

1. Finish the exercises in Section A.
2. Prepare for Section B.

Section B The Obligations and Responsibilities to Marriage
Students will be able to:
1. grasp the main idea of the text;
2. master the key language points and grammatical structures in the text;
3. grasp the reading skill---- Reading Between Lines.

Reading Skills
Reading Between the Lines
Reading Between the Lines means making inferences about the author’s ideas from what is written and from what is not written Authors don’t always express all their thoughts openly, either as a matter of style, or because they assume we know and share their opinions- or they aren’t sure how to express themselves.
( example are listed on the books)

Do Exercise in the textbook:(on Page 17-19)
Background Information
Changes in modern family: Families have undergone a major transformation in the past generation and are poised to change even more in the new century. Households will move further away from the family-structure model of a stay – at – home mother, working father, and children, according to a new report from the National Opinion Research Center at the university of Chicago. Because of divorce, cohabitation and single parenthood, a majority f families rearing children in the new century will probably not include the children’s two original parents. Moreover, most household will not include children. Marriage has declined as people marry older and divorce and cohabit more.

Comprehension of the Text
Introductory Questions:
Choose the best answer to each of the following questions according to your understanding of the text. (p23)

Language Study
1. …subject to :
1) make sb. experience or undergo( usu. Sth. Unpleasant)
In recent years, she has been subjected to attacks of depressions.
近年来, 她一直受忧郁症的困扰。
2)bring under control of dominion of
He tries to subject the whole family to his own will
2.get out of hand: become un controllable
  When they arrived there, the angry crowd had already got out of hand.
他们到达那里时, 愤怒 的人群已经失去控制。
3. nuclear family:
  a family unit that consists only of husband, wife and children.
4. guarantee: promise to do something; make something certain to happen
  We cannot guarantee that our flights will never be delayed.
Guarantee … against: make sure to avoid; protect from
His insurance guaranteed him against monetary loss in case of fire.
conjunction with: together with
 I did the work in conjunction with three other people.
 They acted in conjunction with the police in the hunt for the murderer.
6. at will: as one wishes
 The animals are allowed to wander at will in the park.
 As an actor, he has to be able to cry at will.
 作为一名演员, 他必须能够随时在需要的时候哭出来。
7. No choice but to: the only choice to do sth.
  We have no choice but to close the hospital.
  我们别无选择, 只好关闭医院。
He had no choice but to give in .
他别无选择, 只好让步。

1. Finish the exercise in Section B;
2. Completing Section C;
3. Preview Unit 2.