6) Company climate. Has your company just announced layoffs, salary freezes, or wage cuts? If so, this does not necessarily mean you shouldn't ask for a raise. You do, however, have to proceed with caution. "If you can't demonstrate how your performance improves cash flow or will strengthen your company's position in the immediate term, forget it," says Stefanie Smith, executive consultant-coach at Statex Consulting.

公司环境。你的公司是否刚刚发布了裁员、薪资冻结或减薪的通告?如果是这样的话,也并不意味着你不能要求加薪,但是你却要谨慎而行。Statex Consulting的执行顾问兼职业教练Stefanie Smith说:“如果你不能证明你的业绩是如何提高了公司的现金流量或短期内会提升公司的市场地位,那就不要提加薪的事情。”

7) Timing. Most experts agree, the best time to ask for more dough is after you feel your performance has really stood out. If you have just completed something spectacular, this might be the perfect time to ask for a raise. If your performance has been good, but not the absolute talk of the halls, consider waiting for your performance review period. In the meantime, Price suggests having a conversation with your boss with the following talking points:


1) What is the most significant contribution you want me to make to our team's, department's, or the company's success?


2) How do you think I am doing regarding this?


3) What could I do better?


4) What new skills or disciplines would you like me to work on?


5) What guidelines, philosophies, or parameters do you use in determining my compensation?


6) How would you like me to prepare for our discussion about my compensation going forward?


7) Is there anything else that would be helpful for me to know or to prepare prior to my performance review?


8) Popping the question. Be sure to equip yourself with your performance highlights written down and fully prepare by doing the homework outlined in items 1 through 7. "Focus on selling yourself and your value, not on begging," says Dubiel. He also suggests presenting your case in a humble manner and rehearsing several times before you actually have the conversation.


9) Alternatives to raises. "Be willing to temporarily take responsibility without money; sooner or later the compensations will come and this will show career progression. In other words, if you can't get the raise, go for the title," says Dubiel. Other options include asking for a one-time bonus or a reinstatement of a cut benefit such as 401(k) matching.


10) What to avoid. Don't act entitled or adversarial. "Don't threaten to leave -- if you decide this is a necessary step to take, do it without threats so that you control when and how you go," says Price. Also, skip any reference to seniority or financial need. This will divert attention from the only leverage you have -- your performance.


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