Dear Ms. Brown,

Finance, Inc. was listed on Cleveland Universitys career webpage for summer internships. I believe that Finance, Incs summer internship is an ideal opportunity for students.

As a junior at Cleveland University, I am learning about the technical side of accounting through a rigorous accounting course load. In addition, I am learning to be a team player and to communicate effectively with people from diverse backgrounds. For example, in my marketing class, I did a group presentation on Starbucks. We had one week to evaluate Starbucks financial position, future opportunities, and recommend a strategy for Starbucks to compete well against Caribou Coffee. Working with group members that have conflicting opinions was quite challenging, exciting, and ultimately rewarding for me. Likewise, projects that I have completed at Creative Solutions Inc., and the Cleveland Municipal Water District further enhanced my accounting skills as well as offered insights into different aspects of the business world. My responsibilities included bookkeeping for thousands of dollars. At Finance, Inc., I would also like to make a contribution by using my outstanding analytical skills and be challenged to work to my potential by working with diverse clientele. In addition, I look forward to understanding more about Finance, Incs role in business.

I respect Finance, Inc's excellence in quality and support and believe that I can meet these standards as a summer intern. I want to be challenged and learn firsthand about business. I am looking forward to further discussing the challenges and rewards of working for Finance, Inc.

Thank you for your consideration.