dear sir or madam:  

do you have any work in your accounting department for a parttime employee? miss wang, of the university placement office, has suggested that i write to you, since i would like to work for your company after i finish my courses at the university. ive heard so much about your company, and i believe it offers a good chance to a man interested in construction work and trained in business.  

i’m enclosing a resume that gives details of my life so far. my father died when i was twelve years old, and ive been on my own since fourteen. im finishing college plenty late but ive had some experience along the way, with four years in the military.   

i could work every afternoon and all day saturday. professor he at the university can tell you about my work in accounting. he is chairman of the accounting department and my adviser.  

please look over the attached resume. i can come for an interview, if you wish. my telephone number (home) is -.  
sincerely yours,