What does the richest man in the world get people for Christmas? Turns out, some pretty sweet stuff.

As part of Reddit’s annual Secret Santa, which 120,650 users of the website signed up for this year, Bill Gates got his Kris Kringle on, giving one lucky Reddit user the gift from Gates himself.“

According to Business Insider, Gates gave user NayaTheNinja a bunch of new outdoor gear, including a mosquito net, a tent and a camping chair along with a Gates-picked playlist and a book called “Thing Explainer.”
据美国媒体Business Insider透露,盖茨送给这名名叫纳娅·热·尼加的用户一套户外装备,包括一个蚊帐、一顶帐篷、一把露营椅、盖茨挑选的的播放列表以及一本叫做《解释万物》的书。

But the cherry on top was something less tangible: a donation to the charity Malaria No More, which works toward eradicating the disease.

Gates has been fighting Malaria through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for years so it’s not a surprise that he would be privy to how important the issue is.

“You and I have something in common: We both hate mosquitos!”Gates wrote in his Secret Santa note. “One of my Secret Santa presents to you is a donation in your name to Malaria No More, because no child should ever die of a mosquito bite.”

Gates has participated in Reddit’s Secret Santa for the last few years, so sign up next year and, who knows, he may just grant your wish.