What is the point of living if you're very fat?



1. Why wouldn't the usual reasons for living apply?

Goals and dreams.Loved ones.Pleasure and happiness.Curiosity.Religion and spirituality.

2. Being alive is pretty great. Sometimes, people decide it's not great, and in fact it's so terrible that they don't want to be alive anymore. But most of us try to keep living. Fat has nothing to do with that. Why would it? Maybe you think fat people are worthless. That says more about you than it does about fat people.

3. I imagine that what motivates them to keep living is their thoughts, ideas, feelings, passions, projects, goals, dreams. They live because they love, hate, cherish, yearn, despise and embrace.What motivates them to keep living is who they are, not how they look.

4. That's a pretty narcissistic view of life. No one exists just for your benefit. How about you focus on what you are doing to improve the world instead of why other people exist?

5. Ah, this sounds like troll bait. I'm very slender but I don't look at people who weigh more than me and feel better about myself. Honestly, I've known plenty of people who are overweight according to society's standards, and I still find some of them attractive.

Full disclosure: Yes, I have compared myself to other people in a variety of ways to try to make myself feel better. I have since learned something: true confidence lies not in comparing myself to others who are "less fortunate" but in not needing to compare myself at all.