1. boast 2. registered 3. employment 4. peculiar 5. Continuous 6. graduated 7. dump 8. retreat 9. contrary 10. trembled
1. in 2. of 3. behind 4. about 5. At 6. about/of 8. by 9. on/upon 10. at
V. 1. F 2. M 3. J 4. G 5.A 6. D 7. O 8. L 9. I 10. C
1. I know who he is. So does she.
2. We have come to realize all work is equally import. So has Sara.
3. I’d like another drink. So would John.
4. I’m not supposed to know who else objects to the plan. Nor/Neither are they.
5. He shouldn’t have imagined there would be joy in picking up trash. Nor/Neither should Steve.
1. Even if the calculation is right
2. even if they raise the price
3. Even if she may not return me the money
4. even if she doesn’t come
5. Even if we achieve great success in our work
1. The police got to the station five minutes after the explosion, and so did the reporters.
2. Even if you disagree with her, she is worth listening to.
3. The news reporters were given nothing but bare facts by the officials in charge of the investigation.
4. The room was well decorated, but the color of the curtain did not go well with the overall style.
5. Whenever we go back to the place where my husband was born, we always make the rounds of his relatives.
6. Contrary to his hope, his girlfriend’s parents are not as approachable as his parents.
1. 我问过好几个服务员,可他们什么也没说,只朝着我笑,直到这时我才意识到我的英语不够好。
2. 校长对那位院长非常生气,进而解除了他的院长职务。
3. 如果你当着孩子的面问这个问题,即使他想说“是”也可能会说“不是”。
4. 如果你想毕业时获得学位,你要么别玩网上游戏,要么别去打零工。
5. 虽然他未接受过大学教育,他却瞧不起那些没有大学学历的人。
6. 他曾就公司的管理问题提了好几个建议,但没有一个管用。
1. A 2.C 3.B 4.C 5. A 6.C 7.A 8. C 9. B 10.A 11. B 12.B 13.C 14.A 15.C
16. B 17.A 18.C19.B 20.A
People come to Beijing for different purposes. Thousands upon thousands of foreign students are studying different subjects at universities in Beijing. Every year a large number of foreign businessmen from all pats of the world visit Beijing, for various kinds of business talks or international conferences. In addition travelers both at home and abroad come to Beijing for visiting places of historic interest during their holidays or visiting their friends and relatives in
1. spend part of his time on
2. continue to support himself with drugs and food
3. settle their accounts with the company/and money owed to them
4. nervous and worried
5. a person who is likely to suffer a heart attack
1.D 2.D 3.C 4.D 5.A 6.C 7.B 8.B
1.Devoting 2. bear 3. accurate 4. manufacturing y 6. afford 7. admired 8. replacing 9. retired 10. ignored
1. out 2. up 3. out 4. around 5. up 6. to 7. to 8. for 9. of