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Computer networks also permit an exchange of unofficial information and discussions between computer users. By linking their computers to telephones, people can buy goods through their computers. They can send messages to friends in many countries. Another modern use of the word “network" concerns relations between people. Ideas and information are exchanged by people who network to share interests and goals. Many Americans network to get better jobs or to meet new friends. Meeting new friends by networking is not work though is fun.
人们还可以通过电脑网络交换个人信息、讨论问题。通过将电脑练到手机上,人们还可以通过电脑购物,还可以把信息发到许多国家的朋友那里。 “网络”的另一个现代含义和人际关系有关。人们的点子和信息在有共同兴趣和目标的人际网络间互换。许多美国人通过人际关系网获得新工作或结识新朋友。通过人际网结识新朋友并不是工作,但很有趣。