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In all four countries, it is best to dress formally and use dark colors. In Russia, designer clothes are very common. Don't be surprised if you go to an office in the UK on a Friday and find everyone wearing jeans. Many companies have "dress down Friday", when people wear casual clothes. In Germany, first names are only used with family members and close friends, so be prepared to use titles and last names. In the USA you will usually be invited to use first names almost immediately. The British are quite informal and using first names in business is more and more common, especially among younger people. In Russia, however, nobody uses first names, so use titles and last names.
与这四个国家的人进行商务活动,最好穿深色系的正装。在俄罗斯,穿名牌服装是很普遍的现象。但如果周五你去到一个英国公司,发现员工们都穿着休闲的牛仔的话也不要感到意外,因为很多公司都有“休闲星期五”,在每周的这天员工们不用穿正装,而是可以随意的穿休闲装。 在德国,个人的名字只有在亲朋好友间使用,所以,在称呼德国人时要用他们的头衔加姓氏。而在美国,一般见面后他们会马上主动要你称呼他们的名字。在英国这方面也是很随意的,在商务场合称呼名字也越来越普遍了,尤其是在年轻人之间。而在俄罗斯则没有人使用名字,所以要称呼他们的头衔加姓氏。