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In conversation, the British and the Americans value humor, and both like to talk about sport. The weather is also a good topic of conversation with the British, but avoid talking about politics. In Russia, avoid making complaints. The Germans, however, prefer to get straight down to business! Finally, when doing business in all countries make sure you have a lot of business cards. Remember that in Germany, once a deal has been agreed, you can't change it! In the USA, money is more important than relationships, whereas in Russia it's important to get to know your contact well. Finally, don't be surprised if a British meeting seems like chaos, with everybody participating and giving opinions! So, use these tips, and you will be on your way to a successful international business career!
交谈过程中,英国人和美国人都是很重视幽默的,也都很喜欢谈论运动。和英国人谈论天气也是个不错的话题,但不要谈论政治。在俄罗斯则要避免抱怨。不过,德国人更喜欢直接切入正题。 最后,不管是和哪个国家做生意,都要保证你有充足的名片。谨记,在德国一旦谈成一笔生意,就不能再改了;在美国,钱比关系更重要;而在俄罗斯更好的了解对方则很重要;最后,在英国如果你发现他们开会一片混乱,几乎每个人都参与进去表达意见,也不要感到意外。 那么,利用好这些建议,你就会走向一次成功的国际商务之旅了。