Convenience foods destroy the charm of time-consuming cooking. An argument can be made for processed foods, and the great benefits of freezing, freeze-drying and canning, but Western food technology is still a threat to national cuisines. Finally, the changing role of women influences national styles of cooking. The changes which have already taken place have had a profound effect on the family, and will continue. Women have been the prime food preparers for thousands of years. If they have less time and less inclination to spend long hours in food preparation and cooking, this will influence the kind of dishes which a family eats. Now women can explore further than their own immediate locality and experience, and gather ideas and recipes from other parts of the world, and incorporate these into their cooking.
方便食品使费时的烹饪(菜肴的)魅力荡然无存。我们能够为食品加工辩护,并且列述食品的冷冻、冷冻干燥以及罐装等技术的好处,但是西方的食品加工技术对民族菜肴不失为一种威胁。 最后,女性角色的转变也影响到烹饪的民族风格。这种转变对家庭已经产生了深远的影响,并且会继续影响下去。数千年来,女性一直是主要的做饭者。如果她们时间少,而且不喜爱花大量时间准备和烧饭,这就会影响家庭所吃的饭菜。而今,妇女还可以走出自己所在的区域、突破自身的经验限制,来进一步研究菜肴,收集世界其它地区的做菜理念和菜谱,并把这些融入到自己的烧法中去。