With the Bennett sisters among her most famous creations, it comes as no surprise that Jane Austen left most of her worldly assets to her own sibling, according to her will published online today.

The novelist's last request was for her 'dearest' sister Cassandra to receive all of her possessions, worth around £800 (more than £27,000 today), spare the cost of her funeral, £50 - the equivalent of £1,700 in today's money - to her brother Henry and another £50 to his cook.
这位小说家最后的愿望是,希望她“最亲爱的” 姐姐卡桑德拉接受她的全部财产,约为800英镑(相当于今天的2.7万英镑),除了她的葬礼花销,奥斯汀还给弟弟亨利和弟弟的厨师各留下50英镑(相当于当今的1700英镑)。

Austen's will was among a collection of thousands, including those of William Shakespeare and Sir Francis Drake, which were published online for the first time today.

According to his will, William Shakespeare left £150 (£14,400 today) to his daughter Judith in 1616, and famously decreed that his 'second best bed' should go to his wife Anne.

Sir Francis Drake, who died of dysentery at the age of 55 in January 1596, left £40 (£4,000 today) to the 'poor people' of Plymouth.
伊丽莎白一世时代的航海家和冒险家德瑞克给普莱茅斯的“穷人” 们留下40英镑(相当于今天的4000英镑)。他在1596年1月因痢疾去世,享年55岁。

Miriam Silverman of Ancestry.co.uk said: 'These probate records provide fascinating insight into the final fortunes of some of our nation's most famous names. They are an incredibly valuable family history resource, covering a period in history from which few official documents remain.'